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Karatbars are introducing this new and dynamic function to its portfolio, it is a world first from a first class company. What does it mean? You are in the company of a world leader that relating to service delivery and technology are the go-to for your gold purchases. It clearly indicates that Karatbars are moving with the times and so should you. We as Karatbars are launching our own and world first voice-over blockchain this weekend, the 30 March 2019. It is a groundbreaking announcement. Are you still considering where to make your investments and to be sure of the safety of your funds, then surely this is the answer? Go to Facebook and LinkedIn to look at the page: Collective income, for more options. You may also follow the link here: https://www.karatbars.com/?s=gerbod869. Should you still be in doubt have a look at some Youtube videos for clarification. Remember the gold swop offer: for 100 KBC = 1g of gold on 4 July 2019. Now in its own, that is a great offer for you to consider. I would, oh sorry, I did. You are at the current situation looking at a growth in the region of 400%, that is huge if you take into account that it is actually attainable. No such thing as getting rich quick, no exorbitant offers of millions overnight and no funny actions of hidden fees and selling like crazy to maintain your business position. Matter of fact you are selling absolutely nothing. All you can do as an option for you is to get your own affiliates, not compulsory, but it grows your potential to get income. Income from others who invest in their own gold reserve, again not compulsory. This is absolutely dynamic, isn't it? This is a company where the only coin ic the crypto word is that has a backing of real gold to guarantee the value of the coin, for every coin on sale it has a value of gold in reserve. Do you remember the old days when fiat currency actually was covered in the value of gold, well those days are gone forever? All that said and done now is the opportunity for you to be part of this, all it takes is to register as an affiliate and to confirm your membership via email. Remember only one account per client is allowed you may, however, have a business account. Then you need a wallet to fund the transactions and of course, you need to actually fund your membership. For this, you need a minimum of US$150 for bronze and up to US$ 1,4m for a VIP membership. That being the reason why you need to visit the pages referred to above so that you can see the options available on top of Karatbars to make your next investments in. Should you have any questions you are free to contact me via Facebook or LinkedIn and I shall gladly assist especially related to the KBC investment option.

This article was published on 31.03.2019 by Gerhard Bodenstein
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