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Ever thought of getting onto a selling platform to run an online business.  Ecommerce is an avenue to develop a second income or just simply creating a new way to live doing what you like, with your trusted partners. 

The ecommerce selling platforms, like, integrate with many design studios, printers and drop ship companies, as well as, marketing tools, digital themes, blogs, email campaign sites and accountancy applications to get start-up businesses rolling. Many people are generating wealth with a second business in online shopping. You can do it, too.

More of my story and how I think I could build a business connection for you 

I've recently become a referral Affiliate with  I use their designer to sell my artwork and I even ventured to make my artwork wearable on some clothing items.  Printful is one of the popular design studio sites where you sell products with your creative ideas. And it is not cheap stuff you would be selling. The brands they have to help your business are many top brand manufacturers of t-shirts, caps, socks like American & LA Apparel shirts; and so much more like the iPhone and Samsung phone cases, thick ceramic mugs, leggings, skirts, printed art on papers, posters and, canvasses. There is also a selection of home decor products.  Printful will give notice to new affiliates of more products lists when you join with your ideas and, in turn, their team will dedicate time to grow their relationship with the brands you want to design on.  

If you do not feel creative with your art skills, there are still other ways to take the opportunity I'm about to offer. 

You can venture on the selling platform and sell existing retail products that are held by wholesalers globally. The wholesale market integrate easily with selling platforms like Shopify or blog sites. And the Printful designer.  As for one, I am really excited to get started, finding my niche of products and the customers I want to sell to. I am already doing click ads for free offers and marketing my blog. So, I know I have a few avenues in advertising to find many more customers, near and far.

If I've got your interest, well, with no more delay -- check out the referral link to Printful on --

I think you would be convinced to get into online business selling their products and taking advantage of the free trial on the platform to look at the wholesalers like EBay, Amazon, Oberlo and Alibaba, to find what you would like to sell from the global market.  

I anticipate this referral has satisfied your thirst to develop more wealth from online business and finding ways to fulfill your dreams, alongside your career, personal interests and living well.

This article was published on 28.02.2017 by Vivian Silverio
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Printful Affiliate - Wholesale Selling , Free to join

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