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Why do we considerably desire to attain oneness? Could it be that we are entirely that "oneness" because we really can't dream of something we dont not truly possess, oh yes! It only appears as if we not there yet when we try so hard to change who we are by creating effort to the achievement of what is rather than just "being'".

My purpose for this article is to convey more clarity and a direct understanding when we create the knowing of the subject.

I choose to use terms from various facets of life concurrently because my sole aim is not only to inform but to get you to really appreciate the topic as it becomes a deliberate practice in your everyday life.


Oneness is more than just an experience this is why we shouldn't worry if we feel it or not, it is our openness to the possibilities of the presence and the absence of the sensations (being open to the experience of feeling and not feeling) that we should be concerned about.

When we begin to let go of the labels on good or bad and positive or negative and allow the "being" we become present in the now.

" Spiritual experience is an experience of of aliveness of mind and body as unity. Moreover, this experience of unity transcends not only the separation of mind and body but the separation of self and body".

Before we can come to the central awareness of one with all, we must have recognized the unity within ourselves first. For me, I had a non-religious background and due to my love for spirituality, the esoteric, and adventures I decided to take a leap into the spiritual. Though the journey was fun yet I struggled with letting go of old beliefs and patterns, what kept me going was my passion for freedom.


Letting go is very difficult initially when we have a belief system of always taking what is emotionally not ours, by this I mean whatever we uncover to be difficult to release is usually caused by the old habits of holding onto something or someone and as a result of holding on to things we are unable to receive what's truly ours. This belief makes us emotionally unstable, and when we are not stable we tend to have so much imbalances in giving and receiving.

If what we want to give is totally ours we will give willingly and if what we also want to receive is ours we will freely receive.Things becomes a lot easier when we have this perspective.

Through my experiences I came to discern healing as the process that makes it possible for us to accept every emotion we feel because, going through the process made me to dig deep into the roots of my soul, as a music producer I had to create a relaxation beat I specifically named "healing" as I went through those moments.

Knowing oneness has allowed me to come to terms with the saying that goes "the way up is the way down" for instance a bird can't fly up in the sky without being on earth also, light does not shine in light but in darkness, likewise the spiritual cannot be without the physical. Considering all these allows the appreciation of the fact that we live in an already existing oneness. Since God(the universe) is oneness you and I can't be more or less, we are exactly what it is.

Similarly, it can be viewed as a journey that keeps unfolding. however, to walk the path we should allow the free flow of all the energy levels from bottom to top and vice versa.


"The conscious walk without judgements brings a fulfilling journey".

This is when we are able to experience shame, guilt, apathy, grief and fear with openness of mind in other words not being afraid of what's in our shadows (darkness)

.Openness allows the recognition of desire, anger, pride and courage.

.Then doors of happiness and productivity sets in when neutrality happens as a result of willingness to let go of labels.

.Acceptance is wrapped with love because love is not without acceptance, this is the place of receptivity, reflections and abundance.

.Love always produces joy when we become peaceful despite the unknown and we are balanced as we either go up or down the scale in harmony, here it won't feel like competition cause it doesn't matter if we win or loose.

Yes! Enlightenment allows us to give to others the exact same thing we give ourselves because we now see everyone as one.

Finally, the observation of all emotions in unity establishes

"oneness mind".

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This article was published on 17.04.2020 by Peace Atuakak
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