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4 DNA Reports To Make A Better Life Choice

What if you could make proactive healthy lifestyle choices that will make you look as young as you feel, let you eat well towards your ideal weight, excel like never before in your sports and get to know your mood, natural abilities and aptitudes?

Recent scientific breakthroughs are revolutionizing the way we think about DNA and how these genetic traits set you apart. 

DNATION is in MaVie’s DNA. It’s a technology that gives you new insights to your mind and body. Now, they strive to turn these discoveries into practical solutions and make them available to you.

MaVie’s comprehensive DNA profiling allows you to get to the core of who you are, including your derma condition, the most effective diet regimes for your body, how you could manage your weight effectively and your muscle performance. Even which subjects or careers you may have an aptitude for. They provide easy-to-read online reports so you can have a glimpse of your genetic makeup, which makes you different and wholly unique.

How it works

They deliver your DNA reports directly to you with useful insights and wellness tips, so you can make better life choices. Based on your DNA results, and a series of lifestyle assessments, they will bring together wellness solutions that are truly unique to you, both from within and out. The best skincare and nutritional supplements are also tailor-made to suit your needs, and they pair them with customized dietary and training plans, to ensure your lifestyle is perfect, optimized and most importantly healthy as ever.

Explore the values MaVie hold with 

    • a Reliable and trusted partner that will find your unique path to wellness because you deserve to live an extraordinary life.

    • Full coverage with a combined tools of information to provide a wide range of customized wellness solutions to help you make better life choices.

    • Best of the best support from scientist, medical experts dieticians, psychologists, physiologists, beauty chemists and nutritional specialist.

    • High quality partnership with world-class laboratories and factories across the globe who are fully accredited and certified in their field of expertise, using cutting edge technologies in their work.

    • Committed to honesty, exercise due diligences and only make true claims of services with genuine guidance every step of the way.

4 DNA Reports To Make A Better Life Choice 


Look as young a you feel

Looking for a perfect glow? This report explains how your skin and hair look, feel, and react to various conditions. While we can’t literally reverse the aging process, it is possible to identity the genetic strengths and weaknesses that contribute to it. Get the details you need to refine your everyday routine.

Powerful Info: We assess your genetic profile for more than 70 DNA variants

    • Could your genes impact how quickly you age?

    • Are you more likely to wrinkle?

    • What’s the best approach to caring for your unique skin and hair?

This Beauty report helps you better understand your skin and hair so you can find the perfect ways to look your best:

    • Elasticity & Firmness

    • Aging

    • Skin Health

    • Sun Exposure

    • Hair Traits
Healthy Diet and Weight Management

Eat well, get your ideal weight.

What do you do when you’re eating clean, but not getting the results you’re looking for? A simple fad diet won’t get you the results you’re seeking. But a diet that is tailored to your body’s nutritional needs could change your life. 

A study conducted by Stanford University showed individuals on genotype-appropriate diets lost 5.3 percent of body weight compared to individuals on diets not matched to their genotype, who experienced only 2.3 percent weight loss.


Powerful Info: We assess your genetic profile for more than 120 DNA variants

With this DNA report, you can discover how your body responds to certain food and nutrients, how well is your body’s potential ability to absorb and process vitamins and how your DNA makeup may affect your needs for certain nutrients? 

You can also discover your body’s fat burning process, how it uses or stores excessive energy and how your genes affect your eating habits and your craving for foods.

    • Find your perfect way to lose weight!

    • Eating Behavior and Hunger

    • Fat Breakdown and Obesity

    • Food Preferences

    • Nutrigenomics

Sports Performance

Excel like never before.

Are you an exercise lover who wants to enhance your workout to another level? Discover how your genes affect your fitness potential, get the information you need to fine-tune your training routine in order to reach peak performance easily.

Powerful Info: We assess your genetic profile for more than 30 DNA variants

    • Endurance Capacity

    • Muscle Performance

    • Susceptibility to Injuries

    • BMI (Body Mass Index)

    • Psychological Aptitude

    • Substance Abuse

Personality & Inborn Talents

Get to know your mood, natural abilities and aptitudes.

Happiness is a state of mind and maybe the state of your genes. Look inward and connect with your inner-self. Get a glimpse into how your DNA affects how you think, feel, act and react. If you ever wondered about the links between your personality and your genes, this report is for you.

Everyone knows that our environment and our experiences play a major role in shaping who we become. But recent studies have shown that much of who we are—our talents, personality traits, even our behavior—is also determined at a molecular level. Now, you can get more insights about your natural abilities and aptitudes, allowing you to finally answer the nature vs nurture question.

Powerful Info: We assess your genetic profile for more than 30 DNA variants

    • Social behavior and Social Relationships

    • Impulsiveness- taking risky decision

    • Social stress Response-Anxiety

    • Hyperactivity/attention control

    • Aggressiveness

    • Harm Avoidance

    • Vulnerability to Addictions: smoking, alcohol, caffeine, food(hyperphagia)

    • High IQ

    • Educational Attainment

    • Verbal Creativity

    • Numeric and Figural CreativityWorking Memory Performance


    • Predictive Genomics with Personalization for a better you

    • Integrated Wellness Assessments

    • Life-changing Products and Plans

    • Customized Solutions Designed by Top-notch Experts

Make a better life choice and start creating your perfect lifestyle with DNAWellness


To Your Wellness,


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This article was published on 13.10.2018 by Colin Jooste
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