We Share Abundance Paid out Almost A Quarter Of A Million Dollars...

This Month We Share Abundance Paid Our Members Almost A Quarter Of A Million Dollars...

None of all these members ever spent a DIME to be Part of the We Share Abundance Community.

We Share Abundance is a 100% Free Community, and you could become member for free and even get paid after joining. Yes, your earn your fist commission just by joining.


We are still in Beta Pre-Launch...

Can you imagine what people will be receiving once we launch?

Here are some of the figures from July....

Total Commissions and log in rewards: $232,208.69

Total Power of One Bonus: $10,538.43

Total Lottery payments for Pools...

Pool 1 total lottery winnings $ 1,940

Pool 2 total lottery winnings $ 1,734

Pool 3 total lottery winnings $ 2,867.50

Pool 4 total lottery winnings $ 4,780

Pool 5 total lottery winnings $ 8,150

Pool 6 total lottery winnings $20,100

Total all Pools $39,571.50

So what did our members do to generate this income? 

They shared love and service through very simple tasks...

The tasks?

1. Log in to your account

2. Read any messages from fellow members

That's it! It really is that simple to make money!

A third very lucrative option is to share this with others.

It's Simple, It's Revolutionary and It Works!

But it gets better....

Our economy is based on the WESA Token and that has increased

in value steadily each month and represents a fabulous investment...

WESA Tokens are currently trading at about $19 each but forecast to

be well over $100 each within a few months. WOW!

How can you get some?

You can buy them on the Waves Exchange OR...

Get them free each month as a member...

You can get started FREE

(but better if you have from $2 to $100 to deposit for a 50% a month profit)

How much can you make?

The only limit is your desire and the more you make the more good you do for

the whole community and for generating charitable funds.

Join us today, it's the place where losing is not allowed and EVERYONE WINS...

Click here now for more info and how to join us today, it is free

p.s. "The greatest joys in life are found not only in what we do and

feel, but also in our quiet hope and labors for others." ~ Bryant McGill - Author


This article was published on 07.08.2020 by Pete Ade
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