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A little bit of my historie and current occupation

Octaprogramm passive income

The picture will not load, so here is the link:


I would like you to tell a liittle bit about myself. It is excactly 15 years ago now that I started with MLM, To be exact with Amway. Soon it proved not the kind a MLM busines for me, sellling the hard way with product and stock. I took a few years before I dared to try another company and I made sure that I did some homework before I signed up. It was a more online based company this time and I also did some background research.

After all it took another severall years to learn the inside trick of networkmarketing, how to build a team, how to get them to actively build a team, etc., etc. The very basic a company needs to apply to for me is:

- the management needs to be capeble and up to the task

- the product needs to be real though rather not material, better digital

- the team you're in needs to be great, supportive and available with high ethic values

I found all of this in my current company "OctaPartners" 

The management is very capable with a background in the main activities for many many years, you can read all about them on the given link further down.

The product is Crypto Currency, you buy, trade and get paid in digital coins. On top of that there are several other opportunities  you can join (or not if you don't want to) like gasshares OCG shares and even some new ones that will be announced at the coming event in Bali 22d of May

The team I joined is realy great is more than one way. My upline is available day and night and together we build a team of over 2000 members in more than 50 countries. There are regular online meetings with both individuals and groups providing the necessary guidance.

One of the greatest things in this company is that they want us all to grow and that is why the growth of the leaders depends on the growth of their teammembers. That is why my upline is helping me (and becuase I am such a great guy ;)) and also why I want to help anyone who is willing to become financially independant.

This is not a get rich quick b...s... company, it is a real company and you got to really work. But for those who do, get the real rewards.

Find out more about it at
Or go to this link Presentation to get a full presentaion of the programm

Contact me for more details and to sign uo.

Regards, Dan de Haan

This article was published on 16.05.2016 by Dan de Haan
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Katongole Johnny Thanks for the way you have introduced your self and the company presentation and i wish you the best and ready t share more tips how to build your business successfully like a pro  7 years ago

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