Turn your $18 one time fee into $500,000

Four Corners Alliance Group one of the most phenomenal Online Business today. And we are spreading globally to over 200 countries worldwide. The company address CornersStone Alliance Group LLC, 7260 W. Azure Dr Suites 140-606 Las Vegas, NV 89130, USA. The CEO Mr. David Harrison, Expert in IT and Business management. We offer Financial freedom thru financial education. Our product is 16 set of e-book and a monthly newsletters which takes up all about Financial Education. This high value E-book can teach us how to handle our finances like how to do budgeting, how to break free from credit card dept, how to create multiple streams of income, invest in precious metals such as gold and silver, real estate investment and many more. This business is so fast, so simple and very, very, very affordable. For as low as $18 one time out of pocket, you can turn it into $500,000 minimum.  Watch this video for the  complete business presentation:


Four Corners 5 streams of income

 1.) Instant commission, Earn as much as $559,824.00. This is an upfront commission and can be withdraw every week, every Tuesday.

2.)100% Matching commission bonus from each person that you personally sponsored (Unlimited)

Meaning if one of the person you personally sponsored earns an instant commission from their down line , you will receive 100% matching bonus from him. Example if one of your personally sponsored person earns $100 this week, then you will get $100. If 4 people you personally sponsored get $50 this week, then you will get $200. What if Those 4 people you personally sponsored hit Level 6 in their down line and earned $491,520 each. Will guess what you will get $1,966,080. And there is no limit on how many person you can sponsor. The more  people you personally sponsor, the bigger your income potential will be.

3.)Monthly Residual Commission Thru monthly Newsletter Subscription.  Earn as much as $76,166.00.Can be withdrawn every month. Remember guys that this will come to you from months after months.

4.)100% Matching Commission Bonus from each person you personally sponsored who is earning monthly commission from their down line. Can be withdrawn together with income Stream 3  and this is also unlimited.

5.) Retail Store commission if non member buys a product from you, you will get 80% commission. For example the product cost is $12. The $2 goes to the company and the remaining $10 will be your commission.

 How simple the business is?

First you must sign up and pay $18 one time. Then find 4 people, friends, relatives and etc. And sign them up into this business. Once you get your 4 people, just encourage and help them to find their four people. That's it! Its just an $18 decision,  a decision that can change your life forever. The question is are you willing to take that necessary action/ decision to change your life? If yes! then ACT now and i mean now. 

Sign up here:


If you join my team, we provide free training and helpful tips in our facebook group to help you boost your fourcorners business. Hope to see you there.

For additional info leave a message in my facebook (rommel.cabilan). Txt or call me +639423748126 or +639125393274

This article was published on 19.02.2016 by Rommel Cabilan
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Rommel Cabilan hi Michael thank you and congratulations for joining my team. You just made the right decision. can you give me your facebook page so that i can introduce to my group?  4 years ago
Borkor Michael happy  4 years ago

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