10 Tips To Building A Successful MLM Blog That Will Make You More Money

One of the most important pieces to my own personal success, has been my MLM blog, by far.

Truth is, my blog is not even the top blog in the industry, yet it manages to help my business in several ways.

So in today's business announcement, I am going to share with you how you can start a MLM blog, and turn it into a profit machine for your MLM business.

Just be sure to know, this takes work. There is no secret short cut to any of it. But there is a lot of reward for those who put in the time, work and effort.

MLM Blogging Tip #1: The Look

In the very beginning, you may find this part no so important. Getting the content is very important, but at one point or another, you got to get the look right.

You need an impressive looking blog, not an unprofessional looking one.

If your blog looks like a bunch of flashing banners, click here's, and all about getting links on it, most will assume the content is just as unprofessional.

Always work on keeping your blog looking great, as the visitors it does get, will be more likely to stay and consider what you recommend. 

MLM Blogging Tip #2: Create Really Helpful Content

Once you begin putting up posts on your blog, you want to use the most helpful information you can possibly create.

Give away the best tips, secrets, and information you can possibly give.

Quality content will help you generate more leads, and get more people to work with you.

If you begin putting out content that is all about buying from you, you will find very few people ever visit your blog.

MLM Blogging Tip #3: Stay Consistent

Never stop blogging.

Always continue placing new content up on your blog, and time will become your best friend.

Search engines love the blogs that continue publishing new content, and yours would be no different.

Everyday, be working on your next post. If you can publish a new post everyday, you'll be doing the best you possible can.

So stay consistent and you will find an audience begins to grow and share your content.

MLM Blogging Tip #4: Always Learn SEO

If you are working on learning the latest SEO tricks and updates, you may find it much easier to get your posts more traffic.

Not just any traffic, but the best kind of traffic.

Practice using SEO strategies such as backlinking, on-page optimization, and using keywords.

Every post I create now focuses a lot of attention on how the SEO will play out for the keyword I selected.

MLM Blogging Tip #5: Use Images

Always put images into your blog, for helpful reasons.

Images help with SEO, and they can help a visitor pause for a second or two, helping your bounce rate.

Place images into your posts, and give your MLM blog a little helpful boost.

MLM Blogging Tip #6: Use Videos

The most powerful thing you can put into your blog, is a video.

Search engines love videos, and it is best to use a video you also loaded to Youtube.

When someone watches the video on your blog, it also helps the views and suggestions on Youtube.

Plus, you can place links into your Youtube description, and point viewers to your MLM blog.

There is really only positive things that come from placing a video you made yourself, into your blog posts.

MLM Blogging Tip #7: Using Inbound Links

A good way to help your bounce rate, and SEO, would be using inbound links that keep visitors on your website.

By using links that lead to other posts you written, or a related post plugin, you keep visitors on your blog longer, and become more authoritive to the reader.

I use a plug in to do this job, and it will pull up and display 4 of the most related posts to the one the visitor just read.

This really helps to convert visitors into leads, and rank better in search engines.

MLM Blogging Tip #8: Have Sharing Icons

If you want to increase the traffic as much as you possibly can, you need people sharing it on social media.

There are plugins for Wordpress that can display social media icons and help you to get more traffic.

You can also find plugins that require a share in order to get a gift or unlock a piece of content.

Use these icons on your blog, and find ways to convince visitors to share your content on social media.

MLM Blogging Tip #9: Stay Engaged

A very helpful tip, is this one.

When people come by your blog and leave comments, be sure to get engaged with them.

Reply to their comments, and always be sure to reach out to them by email. Wordpress collects their email address, for them to leave a comment. So you have a direct way to answer their question and possibly build a relationship with every person that leaves a comment.

One thing I have noticed for sure, is all the biggest bloggers, are super engaged with their readers.

MLM Blogging Tip #10: Let The Spam In

Here is one most may think "you can't do that!" but there is one thing they are not thinking of....

When people come flooding your comments with spam, and placing links on your content, you can't publish the comment or it will hurt your SEO rankings and direct traffic away.


Click the edit button if you use Wordpress, and erase the link they left in the comment. Change it up and place the keyword in it if you wish.

This is how you turn spam comments, into helpful little things!

Did This Help?

If you got some ideas or value from today's business announcement, please leave a comment below.

Also, let's get connected here on MLM Gateway so we can continue sharing value with one another.

I always appreciate any feedback I get, and look forward to connecting and hearing your comments!

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This article was published on 24.04.2019 by Jaye Carden
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