My Promotion Update

Hello Folks, 

I am excited to Announce that I have recently received a promotion in our builders program! Proving not only to myself, but to the “nay sayers” that said there was “No Way” that I made the right decision! 

Well, friends there is a way and I’m The Proof!

Now, am I exceeding above and beyond my peers, no! Am I where I want to be, no! Do I have more work to do, yes! Am I thrilled with what I’ve accomplished so far, YES! I’ve proven to myself from the inside that this is the Life Changing Opportunity that I was hoping to find when I sent out a few years ago to find the Right fit for me!

I checked out and even joined a few other Opportunities, no names, that are ALL wonderful for the right person! Part of my success with this Opportunity has been the Continued Mentorship and Coaching from the Leaders in the Organization that truly get right into the trenches of everyday  life , lock arms, and truly has my best interest at heart! When one of Us Wins- We All Win! 

The culture within our Organization is “One for All, and All for One”! A true Legacy Company fast approaching momentum!  

Now, I’m not saying it’s not work and I don’t have to do my part! The visionary and founder has set his feet in the ground and taken on the War on Poverty! One family at a time! Our Core Leaders are very much committed to this same vision! Now that’s something I can get behind! Poverty is a cruel and relentless foe- out to destroy everything in its path! After working 40 hours a week for 40 years, I can’t even say I can retire on 40%! I’m still a few years away from retirement and had I not found this Opportunity my financial Future would be grim at best! 

Life is full of unexpected events! Many detours are in place to direct us on the path to reach our destination, welcome them navigate them- this is where your character is built! I could go on and on with this topic, however, I’m sure you have your own experiences and know All to Well- Life Happens! The Question is, What will you do when it does? Are you financially ready for the “What if’s”? What Happens when Plan A falls apart or just isn’t getting you anything but the basic needs met? Do you have a viable Plan B? 

Let us show you a Better Way! 

I’m not posting any links because I want to speak with you in Person! Yep you read that right! In Person! 

Email GoTrekTravel@gmail .com -  we can go from there! 

This article was published on 21.05.2019 by Wanda Koffler
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