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My name is Todd Daehnert we are currently in Beta and looking for some experienced marketers like yourself to come and work with us. My partner and I have created a platform that allows  marketers to promote 6 business with one link,We have also made possible to share whatever you are presently working on using one of the links.The platform is loaded with capture pages and sales funnels that convert! We also have incorporated an email respond er that converts leads into members, FREE members can also link there Aweber or Get Response email res-ponder accounts.Training and Google Hang Out on Friday's all of this is FREE, We are building a community that will undoubtedly heighten each individual's chance for success. Looking for some feedback that will enhance our platform.     Join Us 

About Me:Be the Best You Can Be!!
Over the last Eight years I have to overcome many challenges failing health loss of Job and a battle with my inner self. I was given NO Choice!! I had to find a way to provide for my family I was a truck driver.
1.    Tumors left side of neck of work two weeks, Screwed up the biopsy had to wait one year before surgery.
2.     Cracked Back T-12 lower disk decompression out of work one year. They try everything possible before they do surgery!
3.    Heart Attack I had no idea what was happening I was outside of Buffalo NY at a rest Area called into dispatch to get home, took a load in New Jersey from there into Canada then home, I took vacation time thinking I needed a break. The night before I was suppose return to work I had a major Heart Attack my wife took to the hospital 20 minutes later flight for life ride to Milwaukee, I don't remember allot on thing sticks in my head!" I told the paramedic sitting over me if I die I will be closer to haven “I remember A bright orange light a very peaceful feeling. Two days later I woke up in the ICU, they put two stints to save my life three stints the following Monday I went home over the next few months I had three more stints put in. I never was able to return to work.
4.    Spinal Stenosis while recovering from the heart attack I started to loose mobility on my left side the doctors could NOT figure it out, it got so bad that I went into complete renal failure Kidneys shut down that night in the ER they did an MRI a   neurologists found my spinal cords was pinched C-3 Thu C-7. A week later surgery 8 hours returned the blood supply to my spinal cord. When I went into surgery I was walking with the aid of a walker I had in a catheter. After surgery my walking got better still use a cane. The pain my legs will never go away allot spinal cord damage was permanent.
5.    12 Tumors: 2015 was great year!!Sinus cavity left and right carotid glands NO CANCER saved Facial Nerve's
6.    Closing Statement: This has made me stronger the human body is amazing. I’m building "THE DREAM TEAM" an inspirational team that will build greatness not just in themselves but within me. Working together making are dreams come true. “Surround Yourself with Greatness and you will achieve Greatness"   I survived and shall inspire others.

This article was published on 14.02.2016 by Todd Daehnert
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