Hotel Social Media Boosts the Revenue for hotel industry

E-commerce has given a boost to the hospitality industry. It helps with booking, finding, and managing accommodation. Customer service, online reviews, and also hotel social media marketing has helped a lot of hotels to get good revenue. The guests can directly contact the hotel authority, and they can make their own decision to choose a hotel. The reviews give the correct picture of the hotel, and the customers know what is right and wrong. Booking and managing of the hotel are possible online. There are many things available online for customers like:

• Customer testimonials 

• Social media platforms for hotels

• Content marketing for hotels

• User-generated content in the hospitality industry

• Chat bots for hotels

There are many types of hotels which give different facilities. The material has to differ for every hotel according to their location, facilities, types of rooms, and about the staff. Social media is the best way to engage and build the targeted audience number. They spread the word about the hotel and thus help in getting more customers. Every social media platform is different and gets used for various purposes.  

Social Media Reaches a Wider Audience

There are many items to be included in the page menu, like the cross-reference of other social media, websites, and channels. The hotel booking, map, rooms, menu, and availability information are the main things to be known by these platforms. The social media reaches a broader audience with the tags, comments, content, shares, and likes. Advertising on social media platforms gives a boost to sales and reminds the guests to complete the reservation. The customers show their content about the hotel in their reviews, which is much read.

In some platforms like Instagram and WhatsApp, the people post their photographs about the hotel and its comforts. These snaps would influence many people to decide the hotel stay. Photo of rooms, facilities, food, and services are the main attractions of the hotel. There are many other tourist destinations in the region and the nearby attractions which would attract the people to stay in the hotel. The hotels have to choose such good customer reviews to post on their website. Hotel social media reaches these reviews to many customers.   

Customer Stories and Peer Recommendations 

Hashtags are essential where the customers can reach the post quickly. Many people in various social media are directed to such positions. Customer stories and peer recommendations are better social proof to be posted on the platform. Customers should be encouraged to use a dedicated hashtag for putting their posts.

Social selling is the best way to find recommendations online. These days the people depend on the proposals to make decisions. Discussion forums, websites, blogs, and contents are the places where there is more information. The customers choose the best way to know more about the hotel. There are chatbots also where the companies have messenger bots, including the hotel industry.

Chat bots give the customer support, manage reservations, and end with the made reservations. They also offer more information about travel tips, deals, and inspiration. Influencers also help in getting significant benefit for hotels. There are a lot of fans and followers here where there is a massive reach to social media. IT would be better to co-operate to reach the followers to make them customers. Giving offers to influencers like giving them some free stay would encourage them to influence a good crowd.  

Testimonials are Clickable and Embedded 

Live customer testimonials also are essential where the clickable, embedded, and customization social media pieces about the hotel are available. These pieces can be added to the website. This clickable piece would access an information source. They are embedded as it can be taken and placed anywhere online. It is responsive too. The testimonials are customization as the colors can be adjusted according to the website design and brand.

Some photos of the backstage of the hotel can be posted on social media would be a good idea of advertising. The staff tendering their duty photos would please the customers. No particular category of customers can be targeted as the hospitality industry is a huge one connected to all walks of life. Dreaming, planning and booking are the three stages of travel. Travelers expect hospitality providers to enhance their experience.  

Whether it is a big or small hotel, social media advertising is significant. Facebook, Instagram, and what’s app are some of the networks where there is a social buzz. Cross-referencing all websites and social networks is possible here. The venue details and the contact numbers are available on social media for direct contact.  
Author Bio: Advertising on hotel social media would give information to a lot of customers. Myhospitalitysalespro gives more importance to such advertisements.  

Advertising on hotel social media would give information to a lot of customers. Myhospitalitysalespro gives more importance to such advertisements. 

This article was published on 25.11.2019 by Keith Ronning
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