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The Most Effective Way To Build A MLM Team When You Have No Advertising Budget

It seems for many people in the MLM industry, they only have the money to pay for their autoship, and nothing more.

So, in this case, one would need to rely on a free tactic, that can be effective and cost nothing to pursue.

But what can do this?

It may seem that many free programs come your way, and they do not perform well enough to get you results.

If you do get a result from time to time, you are replacing people versus growing.

So, how do we do this?

Today, I will share with you the exact way I built a team of people quickly, without spending a single dime on advertising.

As a matter of fact, it may be the most effective way period to build. 

Where To Begin

First thing you need to do in a MLM business, is begin getting people on presentations and signed up.

Without an advertising budget, you have many of the effective ways eliminated from your strategies.

So, the best thing to do, is go straight for the kill.

Direct contact with people who have not expressed interest. It will become your job, to create the interest.

Paid advertising simply creates a shortcut, giving you people who raise their hands basically asking for interest, it is still your job to close them.

So we will look into how we can get directly to people, without using money to eliminate the uninterested.

Who To Target

Since we know we must find the prospects, and not use paid advertising, we need to increase our chances for success.

Using genealogy leads is by far the most effective way I know of to get the highest percentage of people joining.

Genealogy leads are people who have joined a MLM before.

By speaking to people who have joined a MLM before, we eliminate the negative thinking prospects. We now avoid those who create excuses more then reasons.

Genealogy leads is where I would focus if I were to have to do this again.

As a matter of fact, it is where I got my first taste of success by signing up 24 people in just 20 days.

Where Do I Get Genealogy Leads?

There are a few ways to get these higher converting leads.

One is to buy them. Since we have no money in this case, that option is out of the picture.

The second way is to find them ourselves. This will take time, but can be effective if we are focused ONLY on finding the leads, and contacting them. We can do this with Google searching specific companies and locations and finding the websites of people who are involved in MLM.

The third option is the one I would take most of all. That is getting a genealogy system for a super low cost. If I could muster up just $15 one time, I could get a lifetime of genealogy leads and focus more on connecting then searching. Of course, I would be using the MLM RECRUIT ON DEMAND SYSTEM to do this.

Targeting Customers As Well

There would be no reason not to be looking for people who would be a good fit for the product as well.

A lot of these people also become the best for referring other customers and becoming some of the best builders you'll get.

Always be looking for people who would be a good fit for the product or business.

You would need to learn the skills needed to increase your ratio, of course. Learning as you go is a great way to get the skills you need. Doing nothing until you learn them is the best way to get no results.

Set A Goal For Prospects

Last thing you need to do, is set a goal on how many people you will aim to speak to about the business.

Using genealogy leads, or people you meet about the product, all counts towards this goal.

I would stretch the goal as high as possible, within reason.

A good number for most people would be 5 a day. Some can do 10, and the leaders usually shoot for 15 to 20 a day.

By using the system mentioned above, reaching 10 a day is doable almost everyday.

Set your goal on direct contact. Because once you get used to the work, the success is on the way. 

Did This Help?

If you got value or see how this works, please leave a comment below.

I appreciate all comments and value all feedback I get.

Also, let's get connected here on MLM Gateway and continue sharing value with one another. If you do not have a credit to send me a connection request, let me know you want to connect in the comments below and I'll send you one.

P.S Want me to help build a downline with you? By taking this free tour here, I can begin placing new people underneath you in a downline we both get paid on for building.

This article was published on 12.05.2019 by Jaye Carden
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