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More than likely your were referred to this site by a Professional Network Marketer.  That's good because most newbies want to talk about the plan, the product, or the company when instead they should really be wanting to have potential partners apply to work with them once they get to be known.  I have been successfully using a mobile app called Knomii to do so and have been very happy because the caliber of the prospective Networker is better than many other programs.  It works like this:  Suppose you have a network marketing company that you work with and that company has a unique position in the market.  Not many people know of your success and so you want to get some information about yourself out in the public.  You can write marketing funnels and splash pages and blog until you're blue in the face but nothing works better than sending a personal digital business card.  Take a look at mine and you'll see links to everything that I think you might want to know about me: social media links, contact information, videos. Click Here  to see it.  You can download it to your smartphone and send it out to your cell phone contact list.    Then they can decide if they like you and your businesses.  Also, I love health and this might give you an idea of what you can do with a health related business 

This Knome will also be developed with specific vertical for different types of conventional businesses.  A real estate module is coming.  A medical module is coming.  I would recommend that you get one and start to share it because they currently have a time limited opportunity to make $100 for each Brand Partner that you enroll.  There is an affiliate program too which pays Brand Partners $1 on all the customers to infinity every month.  So click the button up above and decide like me that this is the coolest thing to have on your phone.  Share and make money.  

So now that I have my basic tool in hand, how does someone decide what network marketing company to participate with?  For me I have found that multiple streams of income make sense because I have been in businesses where the upline have been unscrupulous and made recommendations which where in their best interest and not mine.  I have seen company founders sue each other in court.  I have also seen the compensation plan change along the way for the worse.  I have also seen the plague of copy-cat products that each claim to have a better secret combination of herbs and fruits that are blessed by the Tibetan monk on a full moon and so that is the reason for it's unique properties and the cost.  

I have seen autoships that are required to be compensated, renewal fees that do nothing but pad the pockets of the founders, and shipping and handling fees that would make you blush with anger.  Do yourself a favor and look for plans and companies that require little or no enrollment fee or renewal fee.  They're out there.  Just take your time and due diligence.

This article was published on 16.08.2015 by Donald Ketterhagen
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