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Real Estate Agents and Loan Officers Can Empower Unqualified Homebuyers

One of the paths that leads to a person's wealth building is through acquiring a home. Real estate agents and mortgage loan officers are always seeking home buyers. They are looking for buyers who can be qualified. That is not an easy task. To be qualified buyer, buyer needs to have good credit scores, good earning job and few debts. It just so happens that not many buyers do not necessarily meet all those requirements.

Now there is a solution for real estate agents and mortgage loan officers. Now as an agent or a loan officer you can offer a service that will turn unqualified buyers or renters to qualified buyers. The advantage is that it will grow a pipeline of potential buyers. It gets even better as an agent or loan officer; you will be earning guaranteed monthly residual income. By the way, agents or loan officers need not worry about RESPA violation, as the program is totally RESPA compliant.

Financial Edge Membership (FEM) refers the buyers to the experts- credit repair specialists, IRS enrolled tax professionals, debt elimination experts. These experts help the buyers to quickly qualify and enable them buy homes.

How does an agent or loan officer benefit from the service?

As you (agent or loan officer) are seeking leads, it is possible that you may get 3 inquiries for home purchase. You deemed them as unqualified leads. You drop them. Now you can refer them to FEM to convert them to qualified buyers. That is potential earning of up to $15,000. Your buyers will thank you when they buy home.

Empowering People Financially

In addition, you will also receive access to your own Personal Team of Financial Experts that will improve YOUR credit score, save money on your tax bill, help track tax write-offs such as mileage, cell phone, meals and more while providing you with the best wealth strategies to manage the money you will earn from your new found commissions.

Simply put, as a real estate agent or mortgage loan officer, you will:

  • Get paid on your clients that do not qualify
  • Increase your pipeline and convert your turn downs into future buyers?
  • Attain customer loyalty
  • Additional income source

Empowering People Financially

It is a win-win situation for buyers and respective agents and loan officers. So, if you are an agent or a loan officer, you may want to consider offering FEM to your unqualified leads. If you are not an agent or a loan officer, you may want to become an agent or a loan officer as you will have access to prepare potential buyers thus enhancing your income portfolio.

This article was published on 10.06.2020 by Prakash Kunjeer
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