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Niice Dreams I have

The following post was triggered by a businessman's nightmare that I had a couple of nights ago. Some old guy was telling a potential member not to join the New Oil Barons, because Cal Smith doesn't know what he's doing half the time. Listen to him.

"The New Oil Barons haven't even got their incorporation seal, let alone a working website, yet they're already talking about a plan to give members shares in their new MLM-based oil business - no charge. If you ask me, that's pretty damn premature.  Sorta like going to the opera with no pants.

What's an oil company doing in an online MLM business anyway? How are they going to deliver the stuff when somebody needs  an oil change? An overhead pipeline won't fly in my neighborhood, that's for sure.

Hell, the guy who thought this thing up must be off his rocker. How's he going to give everything away 'no-charge' and still make money? It just nonsense. I suppose he thinks he'll have thousands of members paying five bucks a month that he can invest in something explosive like lithium which in very high demand for all of the new electric cars like the Model 3 Tesla and the Chevy Volt. Well, good luck Buster!

And all those free oil certificates are definitely gonna increase in value over the next 12 months. Prices are just low now because those Arab idiots have been over-producing  and stock-piling to keep prices high until they got rid of most of their shares. Well mark my words, all those rich-bitches are sitting in their tents slowly buying their shares back at these low prices and soon's they have enough they'll raise the oil price and send the stocks skyward again. The Oil Barons will be stuck buying all those certificates back from their members. And good for them!

And what's this about getting shares in the company for my oil certificates? Ya think I'm stupid? What if lithium isn't such a good buy after all? What if the shares aren't worth as much as the certificates? Maybe I'll just take the cash. But maybe the shares will be worth more than the certificates? Hell, I could just wait and see which is worth most and make up my mind then. That  would really screw them."

The speaker pauses briefly then continues. "Hmmm! Maybe I should join and get me some of those oil certificates too. I know lots of people who'd like to get some of that money, and I'd sure like to be around to tell those Baron buggers 'I told you so'!"
This article was published on 29.03.2016 by cals5839 .
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