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Getting Paid in Bitcoin from a Pokemon Game!

If your into crypto currency like I am. Actually I only started about a month ago now. But anyways if your into it you know that faucet sites are a great way to get free bitcoin or pieces of bitcoin called satoshi's. You may not get rich from faucet sites but still it does add up and is still free easy money to get.

Well it just so happens that I found a faucet site that is not only the best in my opinion but also pays the most as well. It's also a fun game to play. It's based on the pokemon game so you can catch pokemon balls, and attack pokemon characters. Plus your getting paid even as a free member to play it too. It does have upgrade options but is optional. Even as a free member you can easily get 5,000 satoshi's every single day. Some faucet sites claim to give up to 5K satoshi's but if you play it all day like I do you really can get up to that amount. Plus you can play it from both your computer and from your smartphone as well.

As far as the upgrades you can actually come out a few bucks ahead at the end of the month if you play it all day every day for a month. I know because I ran the numbers on it several times by the average of satoshi's I get in a average day being a upgraded person. With the upgrade that I have I average around 40,000 satoshi's per day.  I have the first paid level upgrade and they have 3 total as of now. You won't get rich by a long shot but still free money from playing a popular game is a great thing in my book..

Plus another great thing about it is that you can take the free bitcoins and turn it into advertising money for your existing business or use it for small investments in making more money. If you do it right you can even turn it into a perpetual money making machine. The way that works is it's making money for you every single day. You take that money each day and use it for a small amount of advertising for your main business. At the end of the month you take a small portion of that money from your main business and get another upgrade on the faucet game. Then rinse and repeat as they say.. Plus in case your wondering yes you can also get a percentage from each referral as well. You get 20% of what they collect each time they collect some satoshi's. So needless to say you can see why it was good enough for me to write a business proposal on here about it.

So to sign up and start doing the same then Click Here to join me! Or you can message me for a short video I also made about it.
This article was published on 23.09.2016 by David Ford
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David Ford To Kelly it is a different game. It has characters in it from pokemon but does not play the same way. If you want the link you can click on it above where it says click here.  7 years ago
Kelly Lindbom Sounds intriguing, but when you say based on the Pokemon game Do you mean its a different game or that you can link it up to your Pokemon Go game you are already using.   7 years ago

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