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Leadership Foundations- Ways you can create Leaders in your MLM Organizations

We all join different business opportunities with the intent of becoming successful. Everyone wants to reach the top of the MLM ranking. Unfortunately, this enthusiasm wears out after a few weeks or months. This is due to the fact that most people sponsor others in a quantitatively. They think that, the more the number of people in their downlines, the better. This is really not the truth. 

Sponsoring people on a daily basis is really not going to help you build your business too far. This is a more quantitative approach than a qualitative strategy. It is very important to understand, how the entire MLM process works.

MLM consists of two aspects for any business. There is the recruiting component and the retailing component. The retailing component focuses on selling the products, where as the recruiting component focuses on building a team of like-minded serious entrepreneurs. 

Successful ways to sell your products/services:

Most business opportunities follow a missionary approach - where you create product awareness to all your friends and family etc.. This really does not help in selling your products/services. They have a limited life span. It is not the strategy that everyone can follow. 

One of the best ways you can sell your products is through Online Channels/Mediums. This is where you need to learn about building a custom website focusing on a specific niche from the list of products/services that your business opportunity offers. Then, you can choose one specific channel such as facebook stores, or bing ppc. It is also very important to create a landing page focusing on the problem that people are facing. The landing page should also provide the effective solution to that problem. This will give them enough reason on why they need to subscribe to your newsletter. Once, you are able to build enough subscribers, then you can market them, the products and services that you are selling. This makes selling your products much easy and also lowers your advertising costs.

Now, we are going to focus on how to build a successful team of leaders for our MLM business. This step is extremely important for building your successful MLM Business. The core focus of maintaining a successful MLM business lies in the hands of the leader and not the opportunity. 

The Four Pillars of Building a Successful Team:

Building a Successful Team has four main pillars. They are: 

  1. Self Awareness.
  2. Building Relationships.
  3. Business Acumen.
  4. Organizational Strategy.

Self Awareness:

In this stage, you must understand about your self, your team and the business opportunity that you are working on at a much deeper level. This builds an insightful trust, relationships and creates a powerful harmony in your team. It is very important to note that, you must not focus on making money or building dreams. Always remember, money is a by-product. Building successful trust is very important.

Building Relationships:

Building a good relationship with all your downline members is very important. Every new member you sponsor in your downline is like a newly born child. You need to nurture and culture relationships with them. Leadership development with the members of your downline is a continuously evolving process. This means, you need to understand their strengths and weakness in the different areas of business. Each member who joins your team, brings in a different skill set. Some are technically strong, some are good in their communication skills, some have good business ethics, some are good in their networking skills etc.. Once, you are able to pool in their skills, then this will help you create a strategic plan for your business.

Business Acumen:

Business Acumen is the ability to see the big picture of your organization. It helps you identify the risks and opportunities in your business. It is very important for you to understand that, for your team to be successful - it all begins with you. You are the CEO of your business opportunity. You have to keep constant motivation with your downlines and team members. You team members will follow you wherever you go and do what it takes to build success. 

Organizational Strategy:

As the CEO of your MLM Business opportunity, it is very important to understand that you are running a mini-hierarchical structure of your downline members. You need to devise a logically organizational strategy where you will schedule things like weekly meetings, define the scope, the action plans. You also need to ensure that every team member does his part that contributes to the successful building of the organization. There needs to be other fun activities in the organizational meetings like games, or quizzes. This will make the team meeting more lively. Every member needs to speak and share his success and learning for that week. This will contribute to more progress and help in building your MLM business very fast.

This article was published on 23.04.2018 by Shivaram Swamy
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