What You Don't Know About Network Marketing

How many times have you heard, "Oh it's not one of those pyramid schemes is it?" (Insert eye roll). Do people actually believe that or is it just a way to shut down an opportunity before they have even heard what it's about? Of course it's not a pyramid scheme, those are ILLEGAL everywhere. You know what does resemble a pyramid though? A J.O.B. the hard-worker at the lowest level will never have the opportunity to make as much as the CEO but yet most people seem to think that's what they need in their life. 

Network Marketing is a chance for everyone to get paid what they're worth. You want to shoot for the stars then you have a great chance at surpassing your sponsor. Not really wanting to put forth much effort in building a team and then you won't gain much from it. It's definitely NOT a "get rich quick" scheme, network marketing takes dedication, persistence and leadership to rise to the top. 

The only way you can rise to the top is by mentoring, training and coaching the people you invite into the organization to rise up with you. The best part of network marketing is the team. We each do a little bit of work and it flows into the larger organization. 

You could own your own business and earn 100% on your own efforts or you could join a team, build a network and earn 1% on a whole lot of other people's efforts. As someone who has both, I own my own business and I'm in network marketing. I have had much better results with my network marketing business. It took me a solid year to get my own business off the ground, my network marketing business I was making money within a few weeks. 

Six years into my own business I still haven't been able to pay myself because every penny gets put back into the business to build up inventory or to service debt. Then forget about extended vacations, that just isn't happening for me because I'm the only person who runs my business so if I'm not shipping orders, I'm not getting paid. Network marketing can be done from anywhere and from a smartphone. 

Lastly, the mentorship on our team is top-notch, zero drama and we are a like-minded community. We are genuinely happy when each other rank advances and celebrates a win. Our team is led by Linda Proctor (Bob Proctor's wife) so we are huge into personal development and mindset. 

Interested in getting mentored by 6-and 7-figure income earners while building a network of leaders on a winning mindset team? I'd love to share more about our team with you. 

Have a great day!

Delia Worley

This article was published on 15.09.2020 by Delia Worley
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