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I am a healer, pretend-to-be traffic exchange owner and have been involved with internet marketing for centuries, or so it seems.  My first computer, back in the early 80's was an Apple IIe.  I began one of the first blogs on a programmed site known as Prodigy, back in 1984 or so. So I am intimate with the online world.  I also grew up with illness in my world.  My mother was diagnosed with cancer when I was about six.  She overcame it.  She then was re-diagnosed with it when I was seventeen. I was able to get her to remember that she had overcome it before and helped her to realize what had caused it to come back.  A lot of it had to do with an unforeseen divorce from my father and her needing to acknowledge her power within ... again.  So healing has had a big part to play in my life as well.  One of my first jobs was a detoxification counselor for cocaine addicts (this was before crack came into being).  We did not use methadone as a means of "curing" the addict.  We taught them other skills to assist them in moving past the addiction. 

The internet and healing.  What an odd combination.  So ... imagine my surprise when I discovered that I could promote an opportunity to provide health benefits online while also showing folk a way to put a few dollars in their pockets ... in a healthy kinda way.  :-)

(Did I tell you my nickname is "Ms. Wordy"? )

There is a lot of controversy around Cannabidiol - CBD - which is derived from the hemp leaves of the Cannabis Sativa plant. This cannabinoid has the restorative potential to help support the reduction of discomfort, relieve sore joints & muscles and ease feelings of high stress. It also provides deep relaxation, and promotes brain health and function. The biggest misconception is aligning it with marijuana which has a heavy THC base, not found within the products containing CBD.  Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the principal psychoactive constituent of cannabis and is not found within the product which I am about to reveal.

Changing the Future Outcome (CTFO) is a FREE Turnkey Online CBD Business that does not require a credit card.  It provides a product which has proven to help with sleep, discomfort, high stress feelings, sore joints and muscles, brain health and function, heart health and a number of other arenas. 

AND it provides a lucrative income as well.  Check it out!

This article was published on 18.11.2019 by Iyafalola H. Omobola
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Changing The Future Outcome - Online CBD Business, Free to join

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