Have You Lost HOPE... And what to do about it...

With all that is happening in the world around us it is quite easy to lose hope and to be downcast in not knowing what the future holds and what exactly you are going to do going forward.

If your like me then you have been impacted lately with what is happening and thought to yourself how are you going to make life work again.

For me, I have realized that one cannot rely solely on ones employer or one conventional job to be secure. This became a reality a few weeks ago with our country going into lock down status.  Non the less I am staying positive.

Firstly I am constantly feeding my mind with positive material by listening to motivational videos, reading positive books and also spending time praying and reading my bible.

An important thing I did was not to listen to the news, which is just going to give me negative information which I am not into.

It has been said from material that I have been watching is that the searches on the internet for "work from home" category has increased to about 400% (I could be under correction). What ever the amount is, the searches have still gone up. Which tells me that people out there are really looking for alternative ways to earn extra income.

And that is why the network marketing industry is such a great opportunity as it offers a variety of choices out there.

I joined my business, Mirror Trading International last year in December 2019. This was the very first business out of all the ones that I previously joined that has really resonated with me and that I really got excited about and still am excited about and which in fact is still growing.

The nice part is that with technology, can the business still grow and the information can still get through to people via online zoom meetings, and in fact more people can be reached this way.

Mirror Trading International is a simple but real company which is an investment business with an affiliate option with the base currency being in bitcoin.

Your investment is what ever you want to start with and the full amount goes into your trading pool account which gets traded on Forex 5 days a week. The company provides you with daily reports of the trades done.

The concept is easy with Mirror Trading International in that if the value of the bitcoin price goes up your value goes up as we are increasing our bitcoin amount through the trading. 

This is much better than just HODL your bitcoin.

So, if you are not sure what to do or where to go to produce extra income then I want to encourage you to reach out to me for more information about what I am busy with or just click on the link below which will take you to my web page where there is a 4 minute video explaining the business as well as some testimonials.


Remember, there is no harm in gaining information. This might just be what will help you.

This article was published on 14.04.2020 by Eckard Kok
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Mirror Trading International - Bitcoin, Investment, 200 USD to join

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