3 Most Difficult Qestions Network Marketing Beginners ask: Answers that Works-S1


1. How do I know and join the right network marketing company?

2. I don't know anyone, how do I recruit people easily when I join?

3. Can you tell me the most difficult challenges I will encounter in network marketing?

Many people have said that my answers are the most certifying and workable answers they've ever come across. If you are a network marketing leader, my advice for you is to share this article and have all your team members read it. Whenever, you register a new member, have him read this.

Question 1: How do I know and join the right Network Marketing Company?

Many are coerced or talked into joining network marketing by people or company that promises them too much too soon.

That is an automatic coerce into joining a company you know little or nothing about. Perhaps, you only know it is a network marketing company. You are told you will become a millionaire over night, then without reserve you join. That is normal.

But consider this;

There are many network marketing professionals earning 7-8 figures today. But did you know that some of them have been failed many times by companies? Many gave up and get disappointed when it happens but some have changed more than 7-9 companies and God so kind, they latter meet with the right company they are today.

Don't misunderstand me, some people may leave a company not because the company has failed or gone out of operation or liquidation but because of their own inability to do what other distributors who are succeeding in the same company are doing, that is not what am talking about here.

When I talk about those who have been disappointed by some of their former companies, those companies went out of function. They started well. Even paying huge, but before you know it, after few years they collapse and went off leaving it members disappointed.

It is still happening today.

That is the major reason why you must make sure as a beginner you know what make up a strong network marketing company. Yes I repeat, you have to know what make up a network marketing company.

I must be frank with you. When I started my network marketing career, I did not care or even remember to ask 'what make a strong network marketing company. I didn't even know that some companies can collapse and stop functioning.

Today I usually ask myself;

'What if I had mistakenly got involved with one of this companies that doesn't last and it happens to collapse before I knew it, will I have had the courage to continue?'

But God so kind,  nature selected for me the right company that am in today.

So ask yourself the same question.

If you make a wrong choice of a company by not being aware of what make up a strong company as I wasn't aware initially also, will you have the courage to join another company?

And what if you make the same mistake again, will you keep changing companies, 2nd 5th, 7th, 9th? Will you have the patient and courage?

Few will but majority will throw dust on the air and swear that network marketing isn't working. I know how disappointed it is that after building a large network organization, just right when the million dollars should start flowing every thing went down in a twinkle of an eye.

I want to spare you, the beginners from such mess. Am not going to point to you right away any network marketing company and tell you, 'this is it, the best company to join' NO, NO am not going to do that for you right now but am going to tell you how to identify a good company to join, what to look out for.

That is why I have taken it upon me, from my years of experience in this industry, to teach you just a few basic thing you must look in a company before partnering.

This is it...Top 6 things you must consider in a network marketing company before joining which I will sort out for you on the series two (S2) of this article.

Question 2:   I Don't know anyone, how do I recruit people easily when I join


The truth is that joining a good network marketing company is one thing but making money even in that good company is another thing.

Even when you are in the best company, you have to recruit people into your network to start generating enough income, the more people you can recruit the more money you can make it doesn't matter if you are new or old into it.

So sponsoring enough people is the gateway to making a lot of money in any good network marketing industry.

Let me warn you as a beginner, there are some people who will claim to be pro in network marketing and will promise to give you hundred of different traditional ways to recruit people fast but at the end it doesn't work. The truth is that the time for traditional way of recruiting is fast passing away as we are now on the internet age.

The difference is that in using traditional prospecting method, you are the one to make your way to the right people before they can join your business. But following the method am about to show you bellow, the right people make their ways to you. They will be the one to find or locate and join you and that is only way to avoid rejection totally.

 So are you eager to know the answer to the second question at the onset of this page, how do you recruit people easily into your network?

Right here now, I want to give you the secrete method I have used to recruit lots of people with great success.

I don't want to beat around the bush with this simple thing. This is what I mean; You will pay nothing for this information am about dishing out to you, only follow along and join me in using the same recruiting method I use

 I want to go direct and show you the secrete website I have used to recruit quality people almost every day from all over the world into my network business and I am going to tell you how to use it too.

MLM Gateway - Helping network marketers build their business

I don't know if you've ever heard of MLM Gateway? I don't know if I will have succeeded easily in network marketing even with the right company without the help of this perfect website for network marketers and others who build online referral businesses.

Right now as you read this, they are giving away up to $3,000 in context before 21st September for the highest referral. So not only that the website help you recruit lots of people into your own business but you can easily make money while inviting people to join your business.

Step 1: Simply visit the site and  create a free account or log in with your face book.

Step 2: Join the $3,000 context

Step 3: Recruit already existing members from all over the world (once you create your free account, people may start sending a request to join your company, so why creating your account make sure you add your company and what they offer on the space provided)


Question 3: What are the most difficult challenges I will encounter in network marketing?

I am going to be frank with you. Any challenges you will encounter in network marketing will fall into one of the the seven listed and explained bellow.


You of course know how lots of people are ignorant of what network marketing is and the financial potentials and life style it could offer.

When I started my network marketing careers, there were many “chicken little’s” who kept shouting, “the sky is falling, the sky is falling” and who said I was joining a pyramid scheme. Of course, I know such people do not know what they are talking about, and that is ignorant. It is very difficult for these people to acknowledge that they are ignorant of the fact. But you know they are because you are a network marketer yourself.


There is no network marketer who does not know rejection by experience. But what breeds rejection?


Ignorant mentioned earlier is the key reason why some people will reject you when you introduce your opportunity to them. This being the case, then you has an indebted reason not to give up on people easily. We go to people again and again to offer them the opportunity because we know that what we have can save people’s lives even if they don’t yet realize it, we do not give up.


I believe many people who may reject your opportunity today, may still end up in future as network marketers, experience have proved that this is true. That is why education, not immediate recruiting should be your goal and that is why we do not easily give up on people even when rejected.

 That is a valuable quality to posses in human relationship, isn’t it? Relationship skill is the gateway to succeeding in many field today, also being a network marketer when you learn the best human relationship techniques you succeed in almost everything, but which you hardly succeed without.


Working against the crowds mean you have to face the crowd. As a network marketer, you are doing something different from what many others are doing when it comes in terms of their occupation, so many network marketers says that their family and friends were not supportive of their decision to enter into network marketing.


Ignorance is not the only reason why people may oppose or persecute you, opposition will also come from well informed people who do not want your success or who feel you are a trait to them (even if that’s not true) But most at times, when the opposition comes from well meaning people, like close friends and family members, ignorance could be the cause.


                  Why is that?

A network marketer may start with zero beginning and may have to pass some huddles on the road to building a successful business, which might even take some years. It is at this stage that family and friends may take pity on you, thinking you are suffering or wasting away your time.

Not wanting you to suffer, they may oppose your decision to get involved in the profession. They will think you are wasting your time ‘canvassing under sun and under rain as they say.  But don’t let that bother you, the reward is great!

 Whatever reason it might be remain focus and committed, you will surely win. It is real that network marketing is the only career that people will oppose you the most for getting involved.

Looking for “deserving ones” but have to talk to every one

It is true we do not look for mass conversion in in network marketing profession. In network marketing, all you need are few quality people who will turn out to become leaders. But because you can never see anyone whom it is written on his face ‘I am the kind of person you are looking for to recruit’, you have to talk to everyone excerpt if you know attraction marketing then you can avoid all the huddles of trying to talk to everyone.


Remember, if you are not yet using attraction marketing (in the next series, I will tell you more about it) this means you will have to talk to everyone till you fortunately locate someone who may be interested to get involved. And don’t forget you have to face rejections too before making your way to those people who may be deserving. The difference is that in using traditional prospecting method, you are the one to make your way to the right people before they can join your business.

But in attraction marketing, (I will tell you more about it in the next series) the right people make their ways to you. They will be the one to find or locate and join you and that is only way to avoid rejection totally


This one is similar to opposition but a bit different. Remember in network marketing, you are walking against all odds. Even when you become successful, some who didn’t support you at the beginning will still not support you.

Are you surprise?

Some will still criticize you or even think you’ve done ritual to make your money. Criticism is an unsolicited advice, learn from it if you will, but never mind critics. Network marketers do not tend to give answer to all critics labeled against them nor do they try to mind or please everyone, just remember you cannot please everyone no matter how you try.


It is true that no matter how hard you try, you can never please everyone, but do not add fuel to the fire by holding your network marketing opportunity like a gun and shooting at everyone cold dead on the spot, some people make that mistake.

Your purpose should be to educate people about your products or opportunity. Understanding matter a lot and determines if a person will get involved into network marketing or not.

 We do not force or coerce people to join network marketing. If you do that, you are building a house on a mere sound as it were. Your goal is education. Simply invite people to look into your opportunity. The best way to do this is by using teaching aids like CD, recorded talks, websites, magazine, webinars, company events e.t.c to do this effectively, that is where skills comes in and one who can do this effectively must have mastered the acts of prospecting like a pro.


You may ask, 'why should your success in network marketing also a challenge?' After you have been ignorantly rejected and opposed, tirelessly talking to everyone because you do not know or use attraction marketing and finding few peels among the pebbles. You have received and endured all criticism yet you did not give up till you achieved your prospecting goal of education. The stone cold fact is that you will become successful before the eyes of those who had opposed you and even later than they think. Yet you will still find Some who will still criticize you even saying you’ve done ritual to make your money.

Funny right? But its true some times.

Just as I said earlier, these are only challenges that you will face in network marketing, there is nothing new in it, they are common things as you can see. But don't forget that the only way to avoid some of this challenges like rejection and wasting of much time in building your network, which will retard your success, is to use a system of social recruiting recruiting.

However, don't forget to get the answer to the first among the three questions by reading the top 6 basic things you should consider in a network marketing company before joining which I will sort out for you in the next series (S2)

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