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Introducing others to great products and building teams is awesome! Once you've done all that work, then you begin to see money coming to you passively. What if everyone under you stops doing what they are doing? What happens to the passive income you've worked so hard to get?

True Passive income should not be dependent upon what others do under you. True passive income means even if no one is under you, your money is still making money and working for you. Your bank gives you passive income. Unfortunately, it's not very appealing  hence, we look for other options that have better returns. Most of the options out there need you to build first before you begin to see the money you want to see. So, what about beginners? What about those who have been trying their hardest for months or even years and still are not where they want to be financially?  No one talks about true passive income.  Earning true passive income does not mean putting in extra hours. Earning true passive income doesn't mean taking attention away from what you're already doing. It is not adding another side hustle. It is not having to invite others. True Passive Income is not you putting in work before you see results.

True Passive Income is your money working for you regardless of your work schedule, regardless of if you share, regardless of you doing or not doing anything at all.  You bank gives you passively but 0.001% per year isn't much.

I want to talk about True Passive Income to anyone who is willing and open to hear about it. Passive income means set it and forget it. Passive income means the next time you look at your money it will be more money than you started with. Passive income means sharing with others is only a secondary bonus not the primary act. Passive income means you will get to your financial goals faster. Passive income means less stress, more time freedom,  and more control. Passive income is key to building your legacy. You can never have too much passive income. 

Let's be real. Most are not looking to join other opportunities that take away from what they're already doing. Most are here wanting to promote what they have. My goal is to show you what it looks like to set it and forget. If you are open to listening to how I am earning 8%-15% monthly without sharing or putting in extra time, send me a message.

Passive income is real and I share because everyone should know about these options in order to make a well informed decision for themselves and their family. 

I look forward to connecting with you and talking about how you can earn 8%-15% monthly passively, and hearing about what you currently do to earn passive income.


This article was published on 12.10.2022 by Dawn Kent
Member comments:

Dawn Kent Hello Moses, yes I will message you.  1 year ago
Moses Silupya can you share with me  1 year ago
Dawn Kent Thank you for commenting Farah.  1 year ago
Dawn Kent As a working adult you already have income. Passive means your money is in a system that allows ROI without working a job. No riddle just facts.   1 year ago
Farah Awad  1 year ago
Farah Awad HI, Dawn. Unless you have already accumulated CASH , how is it possible to earn, passive income? stop the riddle and show your hand.  1 year ago
Dawn Kent Hi Marina, that's wonderful. Would love to connect and share what we are both doing.  1 year ago
Marina Jacobs Actually Dawn, I too earn 8-15%/mo. Passively. Talk about it but no one listening on MLM. Can you take funds out anytime? Pd weekly?   1 year ago
Dawn Kent Absolutely Stephen! I'll reach out to you and hopefully we can connect next week!   1 year ago
Stephen Goodwin Let's Connect and show me How are You making that monthly PAssive income !  1 year ago

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