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To Earn Like CEO, You Need To Work With High Ticket

In a working world it is often said that you get paid at the value you negotiate. It is not necessarily what you are worth. That concept works in the business world also.

When I was in real estate business, most real estate agents will offer special rate or give debate just to get the clientele. Even though, I am not a people person, I liked real estate because it provided good part-time income compared to all other options. For example, a sale of $300,000 home provided me close to $9000 commission. So, with a sale of 3 houses, I generated about $30,000. Better than any other part time job. Even though there was tough competition, I never discounted my commission. I went after clients who were willing to pay my rate.

Simply put whether you offer discount or not, selling a house requires same time. So, if you are negotiating your commission, you are devaluing yourself.

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Simply put, selling is hard in general. Selling a $1000 product is as hard as selling a $50 product. But you must agree that selling a $1000 us many times more rewarding that selling a $50 product. That is why, if you are serious about making money online, you must have at least one higher ticket product or services in your portfolio.

Even though I realized this concept with real estate venture, I thought it may be different for online biz. In time, I have realized that same concept applies. That is, you find clients who are willing to pay high price products, because once they understand the value of the product/service, the price is not a major factor.

Still not convinced about how much of a difference it makes selling to more affluent people.

Let me give you an example

One of my friends worked in my office building where I worked. On the side he was doing a car detailing work for workers in the building. They would negotiate with him for the price, few paid him as little as $50. Once in while he would discuss some of his clients attitude. Mind you well, these people could afford the going rate of $150. But they knew, he will negotiate. I finally said him, stop giving discounts set on a rate considering his time and efforts required. By the way, his detailing work was superb.

Reluctantly, he said he will try. Thereafter, he opted for $150 per car if they did once a month (by appointment) or $200 on spot basis. Few dropped out, of course. Now he is making more money than before. But his detailing work is organized and now he has 50 clients with monthly appointments. Now he is relaxed about his earning potential.

Same person clientele who are willing to pay his price. So now he can work the same amount or less because he does not have to clean as many cars to t and yet make more money.

Even though it sounds simple in the example above, now, there is a system to this it is not as simple as raising your prices and expect people to gladly pay them. The key is to completely re-position yourself and your business to attract a different type of customer and in the same time, repel the wrong time of customer.

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You just must make sure you do not deal with the tire-kickers, the timewasters, the looky-loos, etc.

The ones that ask, but never buy.

So, get on it and put high ticket system into action. You are going to see your whole business and your life transform practically overnight.

This article was published on 30.05.2020 by Prakash Kunjeer
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