I am a mailorder money making professional- need new like minded

people who are interested in generating cash in the mail. i do not promote any scams- i been taking myself and i dont appreciate it like anyone else in the world would not like it either. visit my webpage at http://Inc53.com/12M/CCollins    

you will see my handsmome face ;i think so at least- I retired from the US Army Reserve two years ago at 20 years of service. BUT this mailorder thing has been my passion all these years- using this as a means to increase my income as an addition to my miitary income . my business opportunitys begin from 10 dollars and can go as high as 150.00 US dollars to join and begin promotions. my new post office box will be added on my website and my new business phone will be added as well so you can call me - So all of my contact will be listed- im starting a new webpage soon- we have a business opportunity to leverage One time $125 into $5,000.00  again and again; and Leverage $225 into $10,0000.00  over and over again call partner mel martin at 281-682-1430 leave message (he is hard to reach due to working placing people in the program) or email him would be the best to reach him this program works i promise its no scam. email mel at melmartin6@consolidated.net  . OK i also have another webpage at http://trafficadbar.com/cashguy  its a really good online platform to reach folks from all over the world- its  a global website ran by a wonderful gentlemen from england- who is a very honest person. I only work with honest and reliable people- no matter where they come from any where in the world. i draw my passion from my military service ; a short story one of my bosses told me you might not know it. But your peers are watching and judging your every move. This will carry over in deciding who gets promoted and who does not get promoted to the next highest rank. I have not done everything correct and made mistakes in the course of my 20 year military career- but i never gave up- and they all took noticed of that quality trait i - something kept me in the game all those years. Cause the Military can certainly get fed up with the way you work or your shortcomings- and formerly discharge you out due to lose of confidence. My point  of military stories are that same drive that gave me energy to take on dangerous assignments thru out the world and stand guard on military post- i used that time to think about my life- one day i like to be by own boss and call my own shots- and my own schedule- without checking in with some boss .  Well my dream finally came true- I am my own boss now- i make thousands every month. i go on vacation when i want to with no boss to check with- other than my doctors at the VA . Mail order is my part time money coming into my mailbox on the side- i only accept cash or money orders only. So what is your passion if you want to earn thousands of dollars every month like me and call your own shots or just extra cash then visit my webpages and get in touch with me- i hope my story of my military career drove me to find a business one day i can cash in on at my convienence and i found that in the mailorder business. its nice getting money orders for 100,200,300,400 and beyond in the mail all the time. This is all on top of my military pay i earned for the rest of my life- im only 46 years old and my 6 year old daughter will benefit my military career and im a earn some side cash for her in the mailorder business and save it a safe place- because US postal money orders never expire- thats why i only take payment in this form.  Ok view my webpages and partner with me to earn money orders in the mail for life.
This article was published on 12.07.2016 by Charles Collins
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