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Hi! My name is Chelsea, and I have 2 major loves in my life (apart from my family, of course), and they are COFFEE and the never ending journey to my ideal weight.  My weight loss adventure started 6 years ago, and then pretty much stagnated a year ago.  I have lost 130 pounds, and the last 30 just don't want to come off! More time on the computer, and a shoulder injury are part of the reason I plateaued.  But the main reason is that after losing so much, my body just  said "heck no!  I am done!"  I started looking for something that would help me keep going, and low and behold, what did I find?  An amazing coffee/capsule duo that has restarted my journey!

I drink coffee in the morning, and take a capsule in the afternoon, drink water, and make some healthy choices, that is all I am doing.  I still eat cookies, I don't exercise as much as I always intend, but in general my lifestyle is moderately healthy.  But it already was this way! I spent a year with a health coach and eliminated a lot of bad habits, but even with that, the excess was not going away.  The only change has been switching out my morning coffee for Skinny Joe, and taking the capsule after lunch.  And what happened?  I started losing weight again! This coffee, with a few extra ingredients, does so much for me.  It reduces my appetite, blasts fat, inhibits carb absorption, stops cravings, boosts energy, and reduces pain.  Are you ready to try it? If you are looking for more energy for your gym sessions, try it as a pre-workout.  This works if you are keto, vegetarian, grain free, low-fate, low-sugar. it works with any diet, and is 2x more effective than diet and exercise alone! 

The business opportunity is fabulous!  The annual business fee is waived until we official launch in Vegas in January.  Join kits come at 3 price points. We are available in the US, Canada, and The Philippines!  We have a facebook community all set up, and the reviews have been coming in hot.  Skinny Joe is effective for both men and women, and even the tricky menopausal period.  Ask me for an invite to our community, and I will make sure to get you invited.  The stories there will have you ready to drink some Joe in no time at all.

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This article was published on 24.08.2021 by Erika Chelsea Benson
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Skinny Joe - weight loss coffee, 199 USD to join

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