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It's Time For Something New

There's not a lot of things out there that actually work for everyone…

Trust me. I’ve messed up quite a few things that claimed to be “easy enough for anyone to do”...

Either they are easy and don't work...

Or work but are not easy...

With VRDa1, I'm going to show you; You CHOOSE, how you want to work...

Let's see What is the Business Conception of the VRDa1


  1. Fractional Ownership of Real Estate Opportunities
  2. First Company linking Blockchain to Real Estate
  3. Opportunities backed by Real Assets
  4. Raising Seed Funds through Security Token Offers (STO)
  5. Risk Mitigation because of Multiple Properties and in Multiple Countries
  6. Proudly Organic Growth Company that is HERE to stay
  7. Market value of Current Properties exceeding 55 Million Dollars
  8. Tokenization of Real Estate gives Fractional Ownership Opportunities to everyone
  9. Debt-free and will always be
  10. In 2 years, achieved 3 Milestones,        
  • Held 2 Global International Summit
  • Properties in 3 Countries
  • Over 2500 Members from about 40 Countries

    11. Registered in Estonia, USA, Turkey, UAE, Pakistan, Egypt, Oman, etc.
    12. Can act as Power Savings Account in the Fixed Bonus portion of Escrow.
    13. Appreciation of the Value of the VREIT * STO is a great Opportunity.
    14. Ever Expanding and Evolving with the New Technology.
    15. Introducing the First of it's kind - The DaMeta1 Coin, and only 21 Million will be made available to                 members only and soon to go PUBLIC - This is an excellent Opportunity at 0.12$ - Started at 0.06 / Dollar        just 2 days already more than double.

   16. Echo Economy by Diversified Industry, Starting with Tourism and Travel Agency.
  17. To those open to the Maturing Network Marketing Industry, the potential earnings are mind-blowing     with real unlimited income possibilities with several income streams.
   18. Money Working for you - there are actually 3 ways money will work for you...

  • VREITs points keep on gaining in Value
  • DaMeta1 Coins keep on gaining in Value
  • You earn Bonus immediately on purchasing packages 

*All above here, are not here say have actually a Track Record, that is proven by All Members*.

For more information, please watch VRDa1 Business Presentation Video


Here is the Company LINK

So that you can learn from the inside of your back- office

It is ABSOLUTELY FREE at this stage. Let me know when DONE.

See you in the Inside.

This article was published on 22.07.2022 by Suad Shamte
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