Transforming Your Passion into a Lifestyle and Income Stream.

Hello and thank you for spending a few moments with me as we all traverse through eternity.

I have always enjoyed growing my own herbs and using these herbs in every possible way. Fresh herbs have a way of touching your skin and clothes and hang on to you all day when you move past them and it is almost as if each plant greet you with its own special fragrance.

I love making lavender and rose geranium tea that I enjoy all day long, but that same tea acts as an insect repellent, when I add some white vinegar to it and place it in a spray bottle. Every herb is versatile and when you combine it with other herbs that compliment it, magic happens, almost like when two or three people truly connect, magic also happens.

I have joined a company that lovingly blend herbs in ways that makes magic happen for people,
physically, emotionally and financially and it is completely free to join.

At your back office you will find two fantastic books and complete information on herbs and how to use each product in PDF that you may download and keep for references.

  • Aromatherapy & Infectious Disease Book by Alexandria Brighton, 48 pages giving you guidance and knowledge with essential oils 
  • Stillroom Recipe Book by Alexandria Brighton, 55 pages explaining how to make essential oils a lifestyle full of fragrance, health and beauty.

Essential oils are living energetic essences of plants, fruits and herbs and highly concentrated and used drop by drop, mixed with a carrier oil.

Once you have familiarized yourself with the content of the books; you will have the confidence to buy products for your home and family at wholesale prices and you will have the self-assurance to recommend products to friends and clients at retail prices and receiving commissions from their purchases, without going through the hassle of blending and packing products, this is all done for you.

There are more ways to make a substantial amount of money with the company; but it is optional and will become part of your life in a natural way as you learn about each product, using it for your own family and recommending it to friends and clients and getting paid for recommending products.

If your family’s health and well-being is something you are passionate about and you have considered alternative ways of taking care of your home and family, but just haven’t gotten around to it for lack of precise knowledge, then take the tour and get started today; you will receive a $25 gift card from me just for being willing to step into the world herbs and spices.

Your $25 gift card is valid for seven days and you may purchase any product for $25 and more; the gift card is not redeemable for cash, tax and shipping is not covered. Shipping in the USA is $5.99 and the rest of the world $12.99.

Your product reviews can be posted in the FB group allocated for that reason and I look forward to reading each and every one of them.

Once you are sure that you want to use and recommend these products, when you feel happy with the company, come back to this page, leave a comment that says “ Send me my $25 Gift Card”

To your Health and Wealth
Ernestine Manowarda

This article was published on 08.07.2019 by Ernestine Manowarda
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