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There's never been a better chance to become massively wealthy like Karatbars

$9 TRILLION dollars change hands every day… If you figure out your personal plan to grab a slice… your life changes forever.

Whether your nest-egg is large or modest today . . . you can become financially secure and achieve the lifestyle you desire through the coming economic storms.

Unfortunately, schools won't teach you this . . . financial ignorance is rampant today, particularly considering gold. People today still consider gold as an investment. Not yesterday. Not today. Not tomorrow. It always was and always will be wealth insurance nothing more . . . nothing less.

In February of 2018, a company that revolutionized the creation and marketing of small denomination pure gold ingots released the first of many elements of a total financial ecosystem. Starting with a gold backed crypto coin that reached $100 million in market cap within two months, now currently at the 1 billion market cap level . . . a record in the crypto world. That was followed by the creation of the first crypto bank . . . followed by the creation of the ingenious crypto coin backed by gold and the asset base of the bank and 50% of the massive bank's revenues. The bank then purchased two gold mines with combined geologist estimates exceeding 2 billion USD.

One would think that would be enough for one year. Not by a mile. A newly opened office in Singapore is trading 1.3 B grams of gold daily, generating immense profits for the bank, not to mention the revenues generated by the digital stock exchange and the crypto exchange, all flowing into the revenue stream of the bank. Just within the past few weeks, the first of the banks ATM machines were rolled out, soon to reach the number of 1 million placed in 137 countries around the world and finally, the worlds first and only smartphone using the 100% secure blockchain technology assuring it's customers 100% anonymity and security. All of these features are tied into the first and only merchant payment system designed to create revenues for the merchant as well as the bank.

Back in 2009, when some of us threw our hats in the ring with these folks, none of the aforementioned features were even on the radar. We all hopped on board for other reasons which have proven to be quite successful. Fast forward to 2019 and we are seeing more millionaires created every day as a result of our tenacity to ride out some pretty bumpy roads before everything culminated in the financial ecosystem we all now are partaking in, both personally and financially.

As I look back and recount some of the dismissive comments I heard when I would offer the original opportunity, I'm so tempted to reach out and let them know what they missed out on, but that wouldn't be very Christian of me. 

I hope everyone here is enjoying a similar experience with their chosen affiliations, as somewhere in the future, the financial house of cards that has been allowed to be built by our respective political systems worldwide is going to have a giant hiccup over the unsustainable and unpayable debt on every nation's books.

This article was published on 11.06.2019 by David Williams
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