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Boarder systems don't work.

Anyone can build a business with almost any company!  Have you heard that and how many times?   I guess if you can say, send a link to my email they might do it, if it's an actual business that has a website, but believe it or not, some that say so are really just scammers.

The people that just want to make money and don't care how to get it are just ponzi schemes, and those people lose credibility when they find out no so business or company exists.  Well, again, they leave a bag taste in their mouth and eye's, if you are going to promote a company, make  sure it's a real company with an owner in network marketing experience.

What if you do belong to a company that is legit and has the proof to back it up, well, i tell you go ahead and give a shot, there is really no teacher better in the industry as experience.  And you may as well be honest with people right on from the start, if not, then it's only a matter time before liars and scammers get exposed for what and who they are.

What is the purpose of this platform?  If you are thinking you just want to get people interested, well, you really should think again, the one and only reason for it is to get leads and maybe if you can convince someone to take a look at your business, then just maybe you might get somewhere.

Is that what i'm looking for you might ask me and here is my answer....Wait for it!!!!!   Ready????   YES, of course it is, i want good leads, i don't want anyone who says, i just want to take a look, that is what google and youtube are for, go look up the company after you see someone's profile and see what company they promote here.

Here is what i learned in the over 30 years i have been part of this industry...There are two different types of catagories in network marketing.   1. Multilevel  and 2. Binary.   One of them really work well for some and the other not really.     Some can even build multiple organizations with multiple company's, i happen to be part of a company the owners have done just that.  

I'm glad to be part them and willing to do the work.

This article was published on 28.03.2024 by Vincent Ferrigno
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