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Why? Have you ever asked yourself why? Why do I want to participate in networking? Some people are in it strictly for the money and that’s not bad. Some people are in it for the specific product any given company may have.

Would you consider participating in an opportunity where you could continue working the business you already are and work with a business that is changing the world? Really.

I would encourage you to take a look at Evolv Health a company that is changing the world. A company that is on a mission to eradicate childhood malnutrition. A company that has top notch nutritional products. Just HOW top notch? Due to the mission we are on very highly researched nutritional products are being GIVEN, not licensed, to Evolv so when you sell any of Evolv's product a months supply is sent to an orphanage where children are dying at the rate of 1 every 6 seconds. Dying of complications related malnutrition.   The caretakers see to it that the children receive their daily servings and are experiencing the kind of results that would blow you away. In Mexico children going through chemo treatments are able to complete their treatments and run right out to the playground. They have energy. They have their hair. They are not sick from the treatments.

In Africa little orphan kids living, and dying, with Cycle Cell Anemia and Aides have been getting well because the medications they are also receiving are able to work better.

To date over 19 million servings have been donated without raising a dime.

What about here in North America? People are Integrating the Evolv products with what their medical professionals prescribe and the results are astounding. Many times their doctor has to cut back the medications. Some even see the day that their doctor takes them completely off of their medications.

Recently the lead doctor of a research foundation studying cancer, specifically brain cancer, the 501c3 Dream for the Cure, while hunting for an Integrative approach came across Evolv. Looking at the science behind the Immune modulating product Evolv has AND the science behind the Endocannabinoid Hemp oil, as being the best the market has to offer, the doctor has asked Evolv Health to participate in trials with them to show that addressing the Immune and Endocannabinoid systems could have been the missing link all along. And they're going to recommend to their corporate donors that they should use these nutrients because they are so good. We're going to need help when so many start asking where to get it from. Why not you?

Why would anyone want to be involved with Evolv Health? Why would anyone want to offer HOPE to those who are praying for some kind of an answer? Why NOT?

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This article was published on 24.06.2019 by Doug Dye
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