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Hi am Mirriam, I am an Independent Distributor for Jeunesse Global a US based company who provide anti ageing products. Through a direct sales business model, Jeuness offers the worlds first Adult Stem cell technology skin care products in addition to other products that work at a cellular level and all scientifically backed. The company first released the products and business model into SA and Kenya and are now in over 33 African countries. 

We are looking for business minded people to partner with to continue with the expansion of the business within Africa and around the globe, either by being an Independent Distributor or Just as clients interested in using the products.

This business allows you to earn from $1500-80000 and more commission per month by recruiting 2 to 12 and more people into the buisness. You can recruit family, freinds or anyone from wherever around the globe and benefit exceedingly and have that financial freedom desired. The buisness is flexible, gives you a chance to be with your family work at home and a decision of how many hours to do your work.

One can join with $29.95 starter kit...this will provide you with a generic website and backoffice platform to be able to run business. Then you can order the products at a wholesale price online through your back office and can either use or sale the products that a reasonable profit and continue getting commission from the company for being a distributor as well as for introducing the buisness and products to prospects 

There is mor, Jeunesse Global has what is called The Founder's Pack. Founders pack is offered to 50 members in each country that Jeunesse Global operates. This is a life time investment. Founder members get to share 2% of Global sales every quarter of the year like in 2015, 2% of $1.4billion. This is a life changing incentive

The buisness have experienced significant growth in Africa over the past year and continue to grow with such momentum. Probably the greatest thing in this buisness is that, commission is paid in USD$ which is substantial amount when converted in other currencies. 

Jeunesse Global has been running for the past 6 year which means it's the buisness you can't miss join because as the company grows, you grow too 

If you are ambitious, hungry for success, like to inspire and lead others and want to change not only your world but help others to do the same, then you are just the type of leader we are looking for to help grow our buisness.

Its very exciting to be able to share this LIFE CHANGING opportunity with as many people as we this year. Visitmy website at mirriammwewaJeunesse

This article was published on 19.02.2017 by Mirriam Chibesa
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