We provide you with traning on how to successfully build your crowd funding business without losing money

  • LEVEL 1 - Pay R30.00 : receive R30.00 x 2 = R60.00 (R0.00 profit)
  • LEVEL 2 - Upgrade R60.00 : receive R60.00 x 4 = R240.00 (R40 profit)
  • LEVEL 3 - Upgrade R200.00 : receive R200.00 x 8 = R1600.00 (R1000.00 profit)
  • LEVEL 4 - Upgrade R600.00 : receive R600.00 x 16 = R9600.00 (R10,610.00 profit


You only register with R30.00 through the link.

You will be directed by the system to pay someone R30.00.

Take a screenshot of that information and post it in the group (Whatsapp group, which you will be given a link)

Pay the person only if they acknowledged that they will be able to approve you after you make payment

Post proof of payment in the whatsapp group

Share your link with friends and family

  • You join with once off R30.00 and paying it to your upliner (the person who introduced you to the business / recruited you) using a link.
  • You get 2 people who will join under you (recruites / downliners), and they each pay you R30.00 (R30.00 x 2 = R60.00)
  • You upgrade with that R60.00 to level 2. Then when you are in level 2, your 2 people who joined under you (your downliners) will each get their people etc...And you will then get paid by 4 people (R60.00 x 4 = R240.00), then upgrade to level 3 with R200.00 and keep the R40.00 as your first profit
  • When you are on level 3 people will be joining under your recruits (downliners) and they will upgrade you R200.00 x 8 which will make R1600.00, you then upgrade to level 4 with R600.00 and keep R1000.00 as you second profit
  • When you are on level 4, 16 downliners will each pay you R600.00 (R600.00 x 16 = R9600.00)
  • Then R40.00 + R1000.00 + R9600.00 = R10, 610.00 is your profit

It is a beautiful crowdfunding system that needs people who have goals

*** R30.00 GIVES YOU R10, 610.00***

For as long as your team is active you will upgrade and move to the next level

This article was published on 18.06.2020 by Mirriam Mokobane
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