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NO COMPETITION! HOT RELEASE 2023! Get ready for the customers!

I say over and over “timing is everything”! Happy New Year 2023! It has been a few months since I posted a BA. Read all my BA that I wrote last year. Let’s get you started today!


There are a few new things happening with this company! The blower is our signature product and now we have 2.0 which is 5th generation ($380 USD) and has many great features that are improved. The other NEW product is a terahertz foot massager! HAVE YOU EVER HEARD OF THIS TYPE OF MASSAGER! No you have not! This is thousands of dollars to buy and let’s think of WHO could benefit and scale their business.

Let me also tell you WHY you need to take a look at all our products especially now with the toxins in the air. We have IONSHIELD ($380 USD) which protects you from positive ions. We have the 7 wonders water flask ($380 USD) so that you can drink the terahertz water all day. It is amazing how the water changes your cells! Yes we have proof!

Back to the terahertz foot massager and how business owners can scale. What if you know chiropractors, sports athletes, sports therapists, physical therapists, naturopaths, alternative medicine professionals, joint medical professionals, skin professionals, intestinal professionals, massage therapists and on and on and on. The customer can get a treatment from the professional and generate revenue. The professional can sell to their clients as well. Does this make sense? How does this type of professional benefit you? You are adding these type of professionals to your organization and earning income! They have a far and deep reach!

Let me give you an example for sports therapy: the therapist has the TFM (foot massager) and offers one hour sessions to his athlete to sit and relax perhaps for weeks. The athlete health is changing. Maybe the therapist will sell a TFM to the athlete. What if the therapist builds business selling to other therapists???

I am going to list some benefits (not all) from our brochure for the massager:

  • Replenishes body cells (do you know what that means!)
  • Relieves inflammation (causes of health issues!)
  • Promotes circulation (blood pressure!)
  • Stimulates cellular immunity (immune system)
  • Clears blockages (ED and heart issues, strokes)
  • Detoxifies intestines (gut health!)

And more! I could go on and on. I cannot make claims because I am not a medical professional and this is NOT a medical device. This is an appliance. Yes it is!

What if your clients come to your office to get this “treatment” or they purchase the massager? Every country has a different price. Some price are higher and lower, however, the USA price is $4500 USD includes shipping and handling. (please note: payment plans possible) 

This is a global opportunity. You can ONLY purchase through a rep. Any person who wants to become a rep will need to purchase  one of the company products in order to represent the company. 

As a rep, you will have free training and support. There are charts, company info and certification documents you can have for your clients.

The comp plan is powerful and a hybrid easy to understand. This is infinity.

NO COMPETITION. Is this great timing for YOU? Let’s connect today!

This article was published on 26.02.2023 by Barbara Thompson
Author's business opportunity:

Prife International - iteracare device, Free to join
heat the bones, treat the condition, blower, ionshield, water flask, foot massager. Revolutionary and cutting edge! Only purchased through a rep! Amazing comp hybrid plan!

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