Free Money? Yes its Free

Yes its possible dear.

Do you know that you  can earn about $10 free for referring your friend to purchase a product she loves.

How is that possible?

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Promoting Pricebenders

As an SFI Affiliate, you can add an extra money to your commission check simply by offering TCredits to people interested in getting brand-name products for up to 99% off through Pricebenders Auctions. Each time someone buys a pack of TCredits for bidding, you earn a commission!

For example, if you sell just 18 packs of 50 TCredits a month, you'll earn about $75 in Direct Commissions, plus 12,492 VP (VersaPoints) each month. Double your monthly sales to just 35 packs of 50 TCredits (just over one sale a day) and you'll earn $148.83 in Direct Commissions, plus 24,290 VP (VersaPoints) each month. 

But that's just the starting point!  If you're selling TCredits for bidding on Pricebenders auctions, many of your customers may buy multiple TCredits packs every month, or even weekly or daily. Hence, you may only need to generate a handful of regular customers to build, over time, a MUCH bigger commission that comes in month after month! Learn more.

Get started now by simply referring potential customers to your special Pricebenders Gateway:

That was just simple Right?

I bet its getting more interesting

I won $250 today for being the most active member in my class , that was very simple to do . How? ,yes I do log in to my account everyday and do my task after that I purchase a coin called Tc to play games with after playing games I played on other game called card king ,I won a spin in the process I was awarded Silver Amazon gift card to purchase anything from Amazon.

I used this Link to register ,but you can join !e with this

I still have more! Should I continue.....,...,...............

Wow its getting hotter!!!

What Is SFI/TC? How Does It Work? How Do I Make Money?

The above title are the typical and sincere questions often asked by many affiliates especially the newbies. I will try to answer or explain it simply the way I have come to understand it based on my own experience as an affiliate in the system: 

Strong Future International(SFI) is a proven and free debt company founded since 1998 by Mr. Gery Carson, the president. The company offers you & I FREE opportunities on its robust internet platform/structure with many 

- FREE training materials, marketing aids, methods & techniques; 

- FREE Support & search engines from experts to resolve technical issues, 

- FREE Forum of experienced entrepreneurs, and several search engines to answer our bogging questions and share experiences etc.

All these ultimately enable us do - Real, True, legitimate and Honest Online Business and make legitimate money in several simple and fun ways. 

The online shop/store is TripleClicks (TC), established in 2009. It has over 100,000 commissionable physical products/services including digital materials which you can - Advertise to sell and earn commissions (45% of Commission Volume), 

- Buy normally what you and your household needs on a daily basis or you win it from auction sales

- Buy to build your own team of Personally & Co-Sponsored Affiliates (PSA & CSA)or win them from jaw dropping, Pricebender (PB) auction sales to generate what is called "duplication" in your income...

- Refer a prospect as Personally Referred Member (PRM) and earn commission for life anytime the persons buys from the company

- You can play games (Eager Zebra, EZ games) Fee and/or spend Tcredits to accumulate points, badges and rewardicals (for every single Tcredit spent) win prizes.

- You can buy Tcredits to spend directly from TripleClicks using your credit/debit card on the platform OR get Tcurrency from a local merchant to get Tcredits for use on the platform.

- Preregister local physical and/or online shops and businesses in your area for approval as "Localvantia" merchants and earn life time income and rewardicals anytime a customer buys from those merchants

- "Rewardical" are the amazing digital tokens you can earn FREE when shopping at any of these awesome localvantia stores. They are the "fuel" that drives participation in this business and they can be redeemed or exchanged for so many other precious & invaluable gifts including dollar ($), gift cards, bitcoin, charity donations, Silver bullion, PSAs, CSAs, PRMs, Prestige Domain(s, Tcredits, VersaPoints etc.

Worthy of note is the acronym, "Zing Network"

- Zing is an “umbrella network” designed to simplify SFI for affiliates, putting membership in ALL of our properties “all under one roof.” So, for example, there is no such thing as a "TripleClicks Member" per se, or a "Rewardical Member," or a "Localvantia Member" (or Pricebenders or Eager Zebra members). Instead, there are only members of the Zing Network.

You earn VersaPoints(VPs) &/or shares from the company's executive pool as you 

- Cross several leadership milestones (AF, Executive Affiliate(EA), Bronze Team Leader(BTL), Silver Team Leader (STL), Gold Team Leader(GTL), Platinum Team Leader (PTL) & Diamond Team Leader (DTL); 

- Review the knowledge-based materials and take simple actions that you're eligible for daily, weekly, monthly, intermediate etc. (see your black tab LEDGER on HOTSPOT), 

- And much more opportunities, benefits and earnings as engage with SFI/TC/Localvantia & Rewardical program. 

Finally, you are your own boss But must build your own team And play by the rules of engagement in the SFI "Affiliate Agreement Your office is your computer or mobile phone or devise which has to be internet ready when you need it. 

These calls for discipline, self-motivation/determination or dedication and focus on your goals, objectives and vision. All of which are a huge responsibility. 

Your up-lines (myself & others who had been in the system before you) could always be consulted for help. They have an OBLIGATION to help as long as you're ACTIVE & ready to be helped. Remember the saying, "you can force the horse to the stream but can't force it to drink water". They succeed ONLY as you succeed. But you must be ACTIVE and ready for SUCCESS to be helped. They won't spend their precious business time on you if you're not willing! They'll rather go with those that ready.

All Support available 24-hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week for FREE - You can get Residual and Leverage Income in SFI. - All tools are ready for you to plug in and go. - Can do everything from home on your computer. - FREE training and FREE website - There is nothing to lose and everything to gain in SFI. 

Please, please review the following links to get a more graphical picture or summary of what SFI business is all about:




(4) Earn money for the sales of your product which you sale in a website using

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Strong future international - Investment business, Free to join

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