You may never grow rapidly in your business if you keep running after your broke friends

Hi guys good morning

I'm super excited to shear this idea with you.

By default when we join network marketing business, we always focus on introducing our business to the broke people we know.

But guess what......????

This business isn't for poor people,

Poverty is a result of a person's mentality

It is only the success oriented individuals that can succeed in network marketing industry.

I know you may be hearing this for the first time but keep calm and understand the reason. Success oriented people are always open to opportunities and they can easily open their minds to listen to you but the poor guys will waste your time, they won't like to attend your seminar even if you invite them.

Most Times they may even attend the seminars but they will never join.

These people are not the cus it's their mindset;

Success oriented guys are open to opportunities and they can make decisions at once. If they are interested, they will tell you also if they ain't interested they will let you know on time.

Stop running after poor people to introduce into your team else you won't reach anywhere in your business 

Look for responsible, success oriented persons.

People who are already successful at what they do.

Go for people who look lively, This will save your time.

Here is why you should avoid poor people.

1) understand that poverty is a mindset not lack of money. If you go after poor people, their minds will prevent them from seeing the vision of the business.

2) poor people don't know how to make decisions : a poor man's mind is filled with fear and doubts daz why they are poor. Even if you succeed in dragging them to your business seminar, they won't know how to make decision of joining you or not ( the will procrastinate and wast your time.)

3) poor people will drain your energy..: trust me if you get involved with these people in a business conversation you will be shocked how low your energy will be after the conversation. You will understand that changing a negative mind to a positive mind is a full time job.

4) poor people won't be coach able; if you are a desperate networker like I was when I started network marketing, you may end up convincing the person to join you but trust me you will wish you had never registered him or her cus they won't be willing to do what you suggest that they do but they will be expecting your kind of results.

5) poor people are likely to tarnish your image and the image of our industry: if this hasn't happened to you be prepared cus you will face it if you keep on going after poor people. They will talk about you when the money they never worked for isn't coming as they expected.

6) poor people see our industry as a get rich quick scheme: you may not believe this but daz how they see it , they think that this is the easiest way to get money without working. They don't understand that this is also a business like every other businesses in the world.

7) poor people won't appreciate you : this is embedded in their DNA . poverty comes as a result of lack of gratitude. They won't appreciate your efforts even if uv been able to drag them to a certain level of success in the business, they see it to be normal because you brought them into the business.

8) poor people will never see their business as their own, they will always see it as your own or their thing: hi guys if you want to grow very fast in your business , see the company as your company, let it be that you are the CEO and assume that you've invested 1billion into it and that you have only a year to get it back.

Run away from poor people 

Convincing a poor person to join you and trying to change his or her mindset to become successful is a full time job.

Go for people with some successful qualities ( not really about having money) at least the ones that are a bit responsible.

You will save your self the stress and wasting precious time.

Most networkers ignore this and battle with it later in their network marketing career.

Start recruiting up from today it's easier than recruiting down.

Ignore this at your own risk 

Rock your day and make life an exciting adventure 


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This article was published on 07.06.2019 by Mac-Francis Ekpenyong
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