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Example MLM Lead Generation Checklist

Today, I’m going to share a simple little MLM lead generation checklist I put together for my own team.

If you want to succeed in your network marketing business, you need a steady flow of new leads. Getting leads is quite perhaps the number one thing most people struggle with.

What I have provided below is a detailed list of activities you could do each day to get more leads for your business. Keep in mind, you don’t want to do all of these things at once. 

Instead, I encourage you to pick 3-5 things off this MLM lead generation checklist that you do feel comfortable doing, and then make the commitment to do those activities every day, at least six days a week.

_____ Post one YouTube Video

_____ Do a Facebook Live

_____ Share a testimonial or lifestyle photo on Facebook

_____ Private message three people on Facebook and invite them to take a look

_____ Leave 3 blog comments on relevant blog and provide a link to your website

_____ Leave 3 comments on online forums and provide a link to your website

_____ Pick three business cards off local bulletin boards and call each person

_____ Hand out or leave out 10 drop cards

_____ Send three friend requests on Facebook to other network marketers

_____ Email three prospects

_____ Post three photos on Instagram that are relevant to your business and link them to your website

_____ Write and publish an article in an article marketing directory or on your own blog

_____ Send out two tweets on Twitter

_____ Direct message 3 people on Twitter with your link

_____ Mail 5-10 postcards

_____ Send one handwritten note to a prospect

_____ Give your business card to 3 different people you meet

_____ Wear a button or clothing that is relevant to your company or business opportunity

_____ Send out an email to a safelist

_____ Buy a solo ad

_____ Cold call five people

_____ Post a free classified ad

_____ Contact three entrepreneurs from the Yellow Pages

_____ Help a team member contact three people

_____ Schedule and book a vendor booth at a live event

_____ Schedule a home party

_____ Text three prospects

_____ Connect with three strangers on LinkedIn

_____ Connect with one former or long-lost friend

_____ Invite someone who has quit the business to rejoin

_____ Hand out five fliers

_____ Call five of your new team member’s prospects with them

_____ Hand out a product sample

_____ Attend a local networking event

_____ Ask 2 people for referrals

This is by no means an all inclusive checklist. It’s just a starting point to give you some ideas on how to get more leads. If you complete at least 3-5 things on this MLM lead generation checklist every day, I know you will get more leads and move your business forward.

What are your thoughts? What tips can you suggest to get more leads? Leave a comment below to let me know what you think. I look forward to hearing from you.

About the Author

Chuck Holmes is an author, blogger, and network marketer. He lives in Florida with his wife, Rachel. He enjoys reading, writing, and learning. You can visit his website to learn more about MLM Leads That Work or creating a Winning MLM Daily Routine.

This article was published on 29.07.2019 by Chuck Holmes
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