Why Immeri is the best MLM Opportunity for you right now

Why Immeri is the best MLM Opportunity for you right now?

Hi Everyone.

Its not everyday that I come across Network/MLM marketing opportunities that excite me as much as Immeri does. I have done a couple of MLMs in the past, but they usually come short in one major way; once my uplines make enough money for themselves from the plan, they bail. This is usually because most of the MLM opportunities are setup in such a way that the success of the whole team is de-prioritized.

And that is one of the reasons I like Immeri, Immeri has a unique board system that rewards everyone for making the team work. Its called the synergistic plan because it requires everyone to work together in synergy for them to be successful.

Another beautiful thing about the plan is that, it doesn't follow the binary system most MLMs usually adopt. I have been burnt severally by this system , because while i might have success on one leg, and have a lot of downlines on that leg, my other leg of the tree might not have too many people. This makes me lose out as their systems will only reward me based on the shorter leg. So all my work on the longer leg is in essence wasted. Immeri's unique board system ensures that this doesn't happen.

Now to compensation, I love Immeri because they have a unique compensation plan that rewards you in 11 different ways. Your reward consists of incentives ( which include , Travel bonuses on different levels, car bonuses - two car bonuses in fact worth $48,000 -, and the ultimate one, a $250,000 penthouse right in the center of Malaysia along with full 10 year residency in Malaysia) and cash bonuses including promotion bonuses, leadership bonuses etc. Just making it to the Elite Manager level on the board will give you a guaranteed $64,000 Cash bonus.

You also earn 5% on every purchase made by any of your downline.

By the time you combine this with the fact that there is no minimum monthly sales requirement, no monthly subscription fee, and the fact that you get up to 50% retail sales discount, you will be hard pressed to see any other opportunity like this. Once you get to director level, you begin to earn lifetime commissions from earnings from whatever your team generates i.e 1% of your group sales after you become a 3 star director.

You can join Immeri through two levels, the pre-associate or associate level. We advise everyone joins through the associate level, as it puts you one step ahead in your journey to become at least a director. You need $805 to join as an Associate and you can also decide to join on the pre-associate level which costs $161+ .

So what are you waiting for, contact me now https://wa.me/+2348172659891

This article was published on 05.09.2021 by Yin Yin
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Immeri - Health & Well being, 161 USD to join

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