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The most important word in the world of business. You can find a tremendous amount of leverage in a variety of incomes thru a solid system. Learning more about the variety of income streams such as dividend income, rental income, passive income, earned income, and profit income as well as the tax advantages that come with them will set you free:

-The harder you work for money, the more you pay in taxes.

-The harder you money works for you, the less you pay in taxes.

-The harder other peoples money works for you, you pay even less in taxes.

Here is what happened to these 3 women that started practicing a different philosophy about creating cash flow:

Hope K, former banker & single mom of 2: Paid off $200,000 in unsecured debt & a mortgage in Notthern Alberta in less than 28 months.

Melissa D, former COO & single mom of 3: fully supports her family on her own and just bought her first house in 24 months in Boston without any support.

Melissa McDonald, G.I. Nurse, Single mom, Foster mom, & Adoptive mom: Paid off $18,000 of student loan debt in 5 months.

You deserve freedom. If you believe that about yourself, reach out to us, we can show you the ropes of how to break free from the financial chains of life


There was a season in my life where I listened to what society said about climbing the corporate ladder, making a great income, buying the home , financing the nice car, claiming the title, chasing security, and checking off all the boxes that increased my social status. Yet, I still wound up in financial predicaments, and at the end of day, I was unemployed. The more I chased the money, the more financially stretched I became.

Digging out of a financial crisis is one of the most challenging, yet rewarding things you will ever do. Leveraging financial literacy to build a franchise that will create cash flow as a Plan B can give you more freedom than you ever could imagine.

If you are seeking opportunity and an additional paycheck, we have solution. If two single moms that came from food stamps can pivot out of a job that lacked security, just imagine what you can do with your influence and expertise

Leadership shines the brightest in time of crisis and refuses to kneel to uncertainty. If you are a leader, I would love to connect with you!

This article was published on 21.05.2020 by Hope Knight
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