SuperDraft: Your Path to Financial Freedom Through Sports Gaming

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My name is Jared, a biochemist residing in Southern Fl, and for the past 6 years I have been a die-hard daily fantasy sports (DFS) player (I’m also that guy who watches the waiver wire like a hawk in season long leagues). Sports and fantasy gaming is my true passion, as it is for many. Over the last month, I am proud to say that I’ve been able to merge that passion into my own business, one backed by the reputation of Cesaer’s Entertainment, which I am happy to share with you; maybe this can be your business too!

Essentially what has happened is the casino giant Cesaer’s, has decided to invest their money into the $4B dollar daily fantasy industry. Their goal is to rival DraftKings and FanDuel, especially since those companies actually have never been profitable. So what Cesaers did was form an exclusive partnership with a company by the name of SuperDraft, a lesser known DFS site that presents an innovative and a more diverse way to play games. SuperDraft has put forth a lucrative word-of-mouth marketing strategy where promoters (called coaches,  like myself) simply share their product: a $25, $50 or $100 monthly subscription (like Netflix) where players build fantasy lineups and compete for cash prizes and even special opportunities like athlete meet and greets. Cesaer’s recognized two things 1) that by offering a monthly-based subscription model to play DFS, they could bypass state gambling regulations and make the game accessible to consumers in all 50 states (in October-November 2021 this will be going International) and 2) a major pitfall of DraftKings and FanDuel which is  that they cater to professional players—millionaire “sharks”—the minority , who, with their money, have driven out the “little guy”  (us)—the majority. 

What SuperDraft offers is an innovative and exclusive product (a specific link is required to access these subscription packages)  geared towards the average player who loves sports. They wisely want to put this product in the hands of everyone who their competitors have abandoned. Providing an amazing product and interface that offers a continuation of value is their mission statement. 

As a coach, and for only $40 a year, you will be provided with your own business site, promotional tools, and top notice customer service at your finger tips.  Payments are biweekly by SuperDraft; a coach is paid a 10% direct commission for each subscription package/month and 2% for each coach who joins their street team. For those who build a larger network, there are global pools were a 20% monthly bonus is shared—in total this is a 50% true payout matrix structure. And above all, it is simply; it is really as easy as talking and sharing the game. In my humble opinion, there has never been another networking opportunity like this. 

Thank you for reading, I am looking forward to enrolling those who see the vision that Cesaer’s has and building our paths to financial freedom. 


This article was published on 16.08.2021 by Jones Jared
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SuperDraft-SuperSportsGlobal - Fantasy Gaming, 40 USD to join

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Ken Allison Please inform me when they go International as I live in the UK. Many thanks   2 months ago

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