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Do you know  around 79% of the population suffers from damaged credit and are in some form of debt and not only does this affect them personally but it also affects the overall economy.

Let's be honest having poor credit in America is equivalent to two men walking in a department store,one is dressed in a suit very neatly dressed and the other walks in dressed in shabby clothing looking a little rough. The clerk smiles and greets the man who is dressed eloquently and offers him assistance.

 However the man that is shabby in appearance is treated completely different to the point he left the store to take his business somewhere else but what they did not know is he had been without a job for some time and had just landed a job paying 100k a year and had more money to spend than the customer they treated more favorable.

That is the difference in the way a person is valued who has great credit as opposed to one who does not, and these creditors are not the least bit interested as to the reason why our credit is poor. It is sad but however true the world we live in is controlled by credit and there is nothing we can do to change it.

 A Bad credit score does not only affect the individual and cost them sometimes thousands of dollars in higher interest rates prevent them from buying, a new home, new car, take out that much needed loan, it also affects the economy in general.

Most credit repair programs will cost you anywhere from $100 a month to $5,000 in a one-time payment prices many people cannot afford.  

They say knowledge is power so I will share some knowledge. How would you like to receive step-by step training to repair your credit and increase your score up to 200 points and pay only a little $1 a day to maintain it for life? And at the same time receive:

IRS tax training on filling your W-4 out correctly

Average person adds $200-500 even up to a $1000+ back into their existing pay each month

Debt Elimination Calculator- Know the exact date you will be 100% debt free

See how much faster you could get out of debt if you added an extra $1,000 per month.

Mobile Apps to track all of your income and expenses

Be 100% IRS compliant and know exactly how much money you have brought in.

Legally qualify for 10 tax deductions as a W-2 employee.

1099 contractors can get upwards of 10 times more tax write offs then W-2 employees.

Referral Income: Earn direct sale commissions and monthly residual income for as long as the person keeps the membership active extreme leverage with 6-figure income potential.

Professional Website/ Storefront The website does all of the work for you, and tracks all of your sales, commissions and everything.


Please watch this 11 minute introduction video that will explain more about this unique opportunity.

Sincerely Michelle Hugee

This article was published on 29.09.2019 by Michelle Hugee
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