Do you know that the word "web" is a network of fine threads constructed by a spider from fluid secreted by its spinnerets, used to catch its prey? Am surprise by this definition why? because the main purpose of spider constructed its web is to catch its prey, I believe we all know what prey is (food). No wonder, everyone trying to have his/her own website so, is to have food on our table, this is amazing!

So, what is a web in the computer world, it is a collection of files saved on a computer, or web server, this includes movies, music, videos, articles and images for use by any visitor who actually searching for a relevant document. Web is a complex system of inter-connected elements, these elements are: 

1. The Client - Your computer 

2. The Internet - This includes the Domain Name System, Network and HTTP, or Hypertext Transfer Protocol. 

3. Web Server - These are power Computers that are Stored in a Data Center that are always online and Connected to the Internet. 

The world wide web, also called web, is an information space where documents and other web resources are identified by uniform resource location, interlinked by hypertext links and accessible via Internet. World wide web, it is a system of Internet server that support especially formatted documents. The website is a collection of publicly accessible, interlinked web pages that share a single domain name.  

Website can be designed or created and maintained by an individual, group, company or organization to serve a variety of purposes. The coming together of all publicly accessible website constitute the World Wide Wed, known as a web presence. The World Wide Web is combination of all resources and users on the Internet that are using the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP). The Internet is a network, a vast, global network that incorporates a multitude of lesser networks....It is actually a network of networks, connecting millions of computers around the globe.

Therefore, the Web Hosting is the process of storing (hosting) a web pages (collectively your website) on a server connected to the World Wide Web. For your web hosting, you must have been assigned an IP Address, which you can configure with your Domain name, a unique name to make it easily accessible. Web hosting can be classified as follow: 

  • Shared Hosting - Your website is hosted on a server shared by other websites around the globe. It is the cheapest type of hosting available e.g Hostgator. 
  • WordPress Hosting - Your website will be hosted on server purposely for WordPress. 
  • Cloud Hosting - This is where your webhost allows numerous servers work together. 
  • VPS Hosting - Like Cloud Hosting, but located on a single server.  


So, why hosting a website - To any business today whether conventional business or online business, website has become one of the most important aspect of the business. Since your website is most likely to be a critical aspect of your business, you must adequately know the essence of hosting your website. Authentic web hosting is very essential aspect of building a website, and the company you choose to host your website matters. Customers want ability to access every part of your website at any time of the day or night, since website supposed to be working for 24/7, you must make sure that the website is in the right hands. 

The website must be well secured from the hackers and other related website issues. Always, it must be available to be access globally by the websites user who are searching for information relating to your business, which you have eventually proclaimed publicly. The data and files of your business are stored on a remote server, host where content is made available to you and your customers through a web browser. So it is important that your web host by a reliable web hosting provider.

A web hosting provider is a company that supplies the web server and other technology needed in order for you store your web pages on web. The hardware, software and associated technology web hosting providers can vary so it important to choose the right hosting for your needs.

In view of this I thereby recommend HostGator for your web hosting. HostGator has some excellent Black Friday deals available now. If you are thinking about starting a business in the new year or have an idea for a new bog, I encourage you to take advantage of these deals. CLICK HERE

In conclusion, if you are also a new hosting, or have just created your first website, share hosting is a great place to start.

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