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The System that Took His $19K Home Based MLM Business to 6-Figures in One Year

When it comes to home-based businesses, you want to be able to build it quickly and consistently. 

The problem is that it can be difficult to figure out what really works and what doesn't work when finding the best way to build your network.

We're often told by people in our upline and top industry producers to do things like:

"talk to more people"

"promote your affiliate links to as many social media sites as possible"

"Talk to all of your friends, family and co-workers" and so on...

The problem is that EVERYBODY in the MLM/networking industry is already doing that.

And that only makes many people in the industry look like spammers and desperate for sales.

You're not to blame for that. You're just doing what you might've been told by people that probably weren't sure what to do themselves.

And that was the case for a mentor of mine who once upon a time, struggled majorly in his home-based MLM business.

And now he has been a top producer in multiple networking companies.

But how was he able to go from "chasing for leads" to "being chased by leads?"

It was as simple as switching up the systems he used to promote his business to people and how he presented himself. 

And the system he used to take his $19k business and turn into 6-figures within a year?

He likes to call it The Digital Enrollment Machine or DEM for short.

So what exactly makes DEM so unique for network marketers?

Well first of all, DEM is a system designed for network marketers to provide a very low cost but super high value resource to their prospects.

The DEM consists of a 5 part video training series where the creator, Adam J Chandler is going to share with you his 10+ years of networking knowledge and insights on how to shift your promoting and become the authority people have been desperately looking for.

Adam will also show you step by step on how to make the finishing touches on an "already done for you funnel" that filters out the "junk prospects" and leaves you with only the primed and qualified prospects that you want to work with. And most of this process is done on auto-pilot!

Not only will you be using this system to generate high quality leads for your business, but you will also be making affiliate commissions by also selling this system to your prospects as well.

Since DEM was created to solve some of the major issues in networking such as lead generation and lead quality, you will have the ability to position yourself as a problem solver and authority for people who are still struggling with getting interested leads in their business.

This is exactly how my mentor was able to make such a major stride in his business.

Because he was able to use this system to position himself as the problem solver other people desperately needed him to be.

And by doing so, he was able to recruit some major rock-stars in his team and grow his organization to 934 people in 6 months!

So of you're looking to create some major momentum in your existing networking/MLM business by being able to position yourself as the authority people are looking for...

Then click here to to start on getting your hands on the DEM System!
This article was published on 06.04.2021 by Kevin Williams
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