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Get healthy, and get paid, without needing to sign others up for autoship. Try!!

      Looking to get you and your family health, by drinking one small delicious packet a day, equivalent to 

1. 8-10 servings of Fruit. 

2. 8-10 servings of Vegetables. 

 3. 2-3 servings of Healthy Fats.

You can also get paid without people signing up for autoship, by simply selling this revolutionary new product which eliminates all pesticides and Steroids found in grocery store fruit and vegetables, by going back to the seeds pure nutrition, for the same high commission rate. 

          See 3 two minute videos at,

After, you will understand why Soul by Rain is at the top of the list for one of the fastest growing companies in it nutrition based companies. You can even provide this product to your health food stores and or pharmacies, (as long as there aren't more than 5 chain stores that provide the same items). That can blow away the competition and get you on a fast track for unlimited success and financial freedom. The reason is for every 30 day supply they sell, you get $20.00, a 30% commission. Plus when those you try it and want to provide the product to other, you get paid again. This is an amazing opportunity for anyone to get healthy and make a healthy sum of sustainable buissiness, that sells itself by word of mouth. This is a no brainer. Let me know what you think, and get started on your health. If you prefer to just purchase for you or your family, please let me know, and we will do that as well. the main goal is to get you and your spouse, children (who hate vegetables, but love sweet drinks), and friends healthy, right? Best and easiest to product to sell because of what it contains. This eliminates people from purchasing unhealthy fruits and vegtiables that you believe to be healthy, but are good for nothing more than putting more chemical pesticides and steroids in your system causing more health problems. Trust me one you try this, and feel the difference in your body you will understand. Plus, try it for a month, and after a while, if you feel nothing return what is left, you will receive a full refund. Results usually take between 4-12 days to feel. It's a no loose situation. After you watch the videos and start to understand what makes this possible, please just contact me to let me know what you think either way. 

Please accept this invitation to learn about a revolutionary breakthrough.

- Body Beneficial Food

- Cold Pressed

- Capitalizing on Seed Technology

- Nothing like it for your health inside and out

-Relieves Inflammation Related Pain 

- Anti-inflammatory Protects Against Disease

- Powerful Antioxidant

- Extended Cell life.

Thank you, Timothy Erwin Ramos

This article was published on 29.05.2016 by Timothy Ramos
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