SHARING University has Launched!

Hello my name is Jeffrey Storrs. 

With over thirty years of Networking and Professional Socializing I know a GOOD thing when I see it in this industry.  Believe me when I say you do not have to look any further for an Opportunity with Integrity!

I am introducing  "SHARING University"  to the WORLD!  And you heard it before MILLIONS!

Only $5 ONE time OUT OF Pocket,  allowing you to make a living before going broke!

At SHARING University you can decide your pace of study while marketing SHARING University as an Income

 Stream itself!  This is not a get rich program and it will not happen overnight.  With the educational material that is available anyone can learn to build an Online as well as Off Line Business.  It is possible that over time a person may receive over a million dollars in fees paid as Gifts by other students who wish to obtain a higher education in Forex and Stock Market Trading.

SHARING University is a TEN Tiered Educational Program Designed to enable ANYONE to participate 

and have access to a Life of WHealth and Prosperity.  Taking you by the hand and guiding you step 

by step, how to FIRST decide upon and find a Suitable Business or Income Producing Opportunity.  

There are Internships however consult your Upline sponsor before proceeding,  after you join FREE!

With a ONE Time $5 investment in the University you will be advanced through all TEN Levels by other Students Joining and paying $5 also, ONCE.   After you have received $5 from your first five individuals on your first level of downline you can start to automatically FILL your second level.

Five people bring you $5 each equaling $5 of which you take $10 and advance to level 2 paying your sponsor or the person who appears on your Invoice!

HOWEVER YOU can ADVANCE to any level,  in sequence,  by paying for that levels tuition at any time!

This is a member to member direct payment system monitored by SHARING University ADMIN.

JOIN FREE.  Check us out and DO your due diligence and get ready to make a lot of money!  SHARE the Opportunity to RAISE FUNDS for good causes with your Churches and Schools as well as sports teams or any other organization that would like to raise funds.


                  Jeffrey Storrs

This article was published on 23.07.2016 by Jeffrey Storrs
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