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Below, I will lay out the simple business of Arbonne.
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My name is Cicely Everson, holistic medicine practitioner, but more importantly, an everyday wife and mom to 2 kiddos. I am also a proud Independent Consultant and Area Manager in Qualification with Arbonne, a botanically-based line of VEGAN nutrition, skincare, cosmetics and more. Everyone says that their network marketing company's opportunity is the BEST. And I do believe that we should feel that way about our business. Needless to say, I am in Arbonne for life. The income opportunity (no confusing comp plan), holistic philosophy and amazing products were just what I was looking for - even when I really didn't know what I was looking for. 

Many have asked why I did "one of these businesses" while I was already an entrepreneur. That was just it - building a business from the ground up traditionally is a lot of work, money and sweat equity. I'm fine with the sweat equity, but it can take a huge chunk of time out of your life. I knew that I wanted to supplement my traditional (and fluctuating) income with lasting and residual potential. Hence, Arbonne. I am also not a novice when it comes to products, so if I recommend something, it's because I would use it myself and use it with a client.

I'd love to give you more information, talk or video chat with you if your gut is telling you to peel back the layers a little more! You can view the products at my site: www.CicelyEverson.Arbonne.com. Before you check them out, let me explain the simplicity of our comp/leadership plan:

There are only 4 levels of management. PERIOD. Below I will list them and their average monthly income. And if you're wondering how long it will take you - I have seen people promote to National VP in 4 months and some in 10 years. You get to set the pace. 

  1. District Manager (DM) - $200-$1,000/mo
  2. Area Manager (AM) - $1,000-$4,000/mo - Business is willable for six generations in the event of your death.
  3. Regional Vice President (RVP) - $4,000-$14,000/mo + Mercedes Benz Cash Bonus of $800
  4. National Vice President (NVP) - $22,000+ per month. Arbonne does not limit your growth or income potential + Mercedes Benz Cash Bonus of $1,000

As an Independent Consultant, you have the opportunity to Bonus at every level, including Ind. Consultant level, where you begin when you sign up.

With everyone wanting to improve their health or nutrition, our 30-Day Healthy Living Program is often the bulk of my business. If you or anyone you know needs to upgrade their lifestyle, nutrition or habits - including people looking to put chronic conditions into remission (yes, it's that good), then please share this with them. You can learn more about the program at www.TheEversonCollective.com/blog/30-days.


Cicely Everson


This article was published on 03.03.2019 by Cicely Everson
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Arbonne - nutrition, beauty, 49 USD to join

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