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Share & Change Your Water, You Can Change Your Life!!

Our team of online co-op entrepreneurs are looking for partners to join our team to market the One product ,(water) that every person on earth has to have.  Enagic is a 40 year old Direct Sales Company that is the world leader in producing Kangen Alkaline water systems/machines. Enagic has a triple A rating with the Better Business Bureau, is debt free and exceeds 100 million gross income annually. Enagic for the first time in its history has added a network marketing arm to its operation which is called PowerLifePro.  PowerLifePro is a new uniquely designed online automated system structured specifically to promote, assist in building downlines, advertising and training new and seasoned Distributors.  This $10,000 software system is now available and Free to all least for now during this 2016 Launch.  In addition to a dynamic product and online automated system, Enagic's Compensation Plan just may be the best pay plan for Distributors in MLM that the Comp Plan is "patented" because of its creative and generous manner in which its pays the newest Distributor to the more seasoned and experienced Distributors.  

There are many benefits that the pay plan provides but probably one of its unique features is that it doesn't require a large team in order to receive large income benefits to each member.  The team actually generates income for each other on every sale made within the team structure...based on Direct and InDirect Sales.  We also have an intense and focused training system that is being conducted weekly by the Top 6 & 7 Figure Earners to help every new Lead, Prospect, and Member to give them everything they need to help them succeed very quickly.  The PowerLifePro team is the #1 team in the Enagic Company income bracket because of such dedication and commitment to the team concept. There is simple process we use to get commission checks showing up in our mailbox every day (from $350 up to $2700), and each of our team members simply copy exactly what we’re doing.  A Distributor can get started this week without having to use their own money.  Our team will assist in every way to help a person get started working with us. 

Finally, remember every household on the earth is a potential customer.  The more people we share our water with, the more people we are helping to improve their lives as well as building financial stability in the lives of our team of Distributors. This is a "business" you can be proud of...because you will be providing products that will help and change people lives, even communities, even cities, even states...dare I say even countries.  Think about undeveloped countries where their water is not even up to the standards of the USA...and even we have problems with our water in the USA.

Note: Kangen alkaline water machines makes a delicious, purified drinking water that is rich in minerals and antioxidants.  And the fact that it is alkaline, it helps balance dietary pH consumption to a more favorable alkaline balance.  it is very good for hydration and detoxification. It is a healthy solution to drinking water for you, your family, and friends. 

This article was published on 26.05.2016 by Charlie White
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Charlie White Hi Scholstica, I believe this more than an opportunity, but a "movement", to provide the best water on the planet & provide chance to increase your wealth..hope you may consider us  7 years ago
Scholastica Nkume Interesting  7 years ago

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Have you ever felt like you were meant for more?What if there was a way for you to build a better life & experience more happiness & fulfillment?

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Have you ever felt like you were meant for more?What if there was a way for you to build a better life & experience more happiness & fulfillment?

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