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Do you struggle with funding your business every month?

When I was first introduced to working from home I thought that I could simply pick some work, start doing it, then get paid.  Now, don't get me wrong, there are jobs like that especially now much more than before but when I began I saw ads about stuffing envelopes all through the classified ads in papers everywhere.  I quickly came to the realization that I needed to spend money marketing the program to make any money at all.  So, being young with a blue collar worker mentality I quickly gave up on those kinds of programs thinking I needed paid for my work instead of earning commissions.

As time went by I was recruited into a few different mlm companies who showed me how to reach out to people around me so I tried to recruit friends and family who it turned out didn't "see the vision" and all thought I was crazy and once again I quickly realized this kind of work was harder that I thought it seemed.  So I quit every one of those companies one by one, disappointed and feeling let down.  I don't think there was anything wrong with the companies.  I just didn't know how to generate targeted leads to my business.

So, even though I kept failing I was still hooked on the idea of making money from home at whatever level I could produce so I found some people online showing how to set up a sales funnel and actually advertise to get interested prospects to look at my offer and I started to generate leads who were finally interested in looking at my business but then once again I ran in to another snag.  I would buy clicks for my business, people would opt in and maybe one person would join me every couple of months and I eventually kept running out of ad money out of my own pocket due to not making enough to cover my costs.

Then I started looking for a way to make some money first to build up an ad budget and came across a free to join site that actually taught that and allowed me to put in my business of choice to promote to my referrals who were already making some money from the programs in the site so they were more ready to join a paid program when I offered it.  When I referred 10 free members the site unlocked the down line mailer so I could mail my referrals daily too which was a nice little bonus to help me stay in contact with them.

If this makes sense to you go ahead and check out the link to see what I'm talking about: Click Here

This article was published on 11.01.2023 by Adam Lassak
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