Sorry, this is for Bitcoin investors only unless...

To those who have no bitcoin experience. I am heartily sorry. Our cause-driven platform would be too hard for you to get up to speed unless you are sincere about taking a challenge. Please forgive me for not writing this announcement to be directed at you. Thank you for thinking about looking at this, my purpose did not include wasting your time. Know that I do love you as I love all struggling entrepreneurs that are attempting to survive.

I will concede that this platform would allow all to find their plans, goals, and desires and make it easier to succeed.

BitCoiners Wake Up From Your Slumber!

Dare to desire again! Dare to be great again! Easily and Naturally Fulfill your Dreams Now! I double dare you to dream again!

  Recently, I was strolling through an 'Upscale Mall', Lo and behold, Stood in the middle of an atrium, 'The Car of My Dreams'. 

A '2019 Jaguar F-Pace SVR'. 

Not only was it luxurious and beautiful, but it was also useful. I can still feel myself sitting in the driver's seat. Whiffing the leather new car scent. Effortlessly and skillfully taking on the traffic as I go about completing my chore list of that day. What a beautiful dream! What is your dream? What is your cause? What keeps you up at night. What would fulfill your life's purpose? What would be something that matters so much that it fills you with 'Desire'? 

Wake up now! 

It's time to get up!

That trip to the mall was the start of my waking up from all the ups and downs of crypto frenzy. The oscillations can hypnotize and put you to sleep. In the fog, all your dreams tend to diminish and may even dissolve. 

Before you wake up ***from your hypnotic slumber, ***then maybe through a force of will, you will go into a state of R.E.M. dream sleep. In this state, you can explore a new paradigm, unlike anything that you have ever come across before. This program that I am introducing into your R.E.M. sleep, is about philanthropy, more directly about you learning to give in a certain way. A way that automatically puts you in a position (in a 2x6 Matrix)to receive. Receiving in a way will infinitely be more lucrative than what your sleepy brain can imagine. 

Once you wake up from snoozing. Only then will you put the pieces together. You will do this quickly and efficiently by doing a quick study of how this new paradigm works. Especially and mainly focus on how the"Giving Box" functions. This is the starting point for the give to get a bitcoin platform that is going to put a whole bunch of bitcoin in your Coin wallet. After you have signed up, do the work and go through the learning curve process,(necessary for any change from status quo thinking). You will experience the value of what the elites know about philanthropy and how it fills their coffers with more money than they can spend in a lifetime. (Think Foundations)

 You will now be fully awake. So go to my site and sign up for free. You then will have the videos to fill in the gaps in this new way of doing business. I assume that if you read this far, you are very familiar and have a coin wallet. ( we can recommend one or two to get you started).

 ANNOUNCEMENT: Know that just for joining and putting money toward your membership. I am going to include a 35 min video ( ) It is a special reward just for joining, and will it will be worth more than anything you have to initially put into this platform. Get started today. Sign up for free now. (you will be time stamped in) this will be important regarding the 2x6 matrix and spillover.

Thank you for reading this far.

Richard McCurdy 954-993-9318

Contact me directly and I will explain this better. I am not allowed to say to much in a public forum.

This article was published on 13.01.2020 by Richard Mccurdy
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