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Hello, I am Mailan Dao, a resident of the San Francisco Bay Area and a proud member of the Premier Financial Alliance. PFA provides financial products that bring tax-free, lifetime income to its subscribers. 

Different from traditional life insurance companies, PFA has pioneered a novel approach.

It’s a “You Don’t Have To Die To Use” system that provides:

 A lifetime financial protection for its policy holders;

 Benefits that are disbursed tax-free to their beneficiaries in case of death;

 Living benefits payments in case of terminal, chronic or critical illness;

 Cash value that benefits from upside gains in the stock market and the S&P index; and

 A nice little nest egg when it’s retirement time.

I am seeking people interested in learning more about PFA, whom I will mentor and train to sell these great financial products and who would like to get started on a career of independent, lucrative earnings, while being your own boss and living a life of exhilarating entrepreneurship.

Working with PFA, you will be able to:

 Be in charge of your own schedule and rate of earnings;

 Set your own limits: you decide how much to earn, how hard to work;

 Build your own team of PFA members, who will earn for you as well;

 Have the satisfaction that you are helping others protect themselves financially;

 Earn a high, six-figure income on your own time, without a boss to report to;

 Enjoy quality time with family and friends as you’re building a lucrative career.

At PFA we are dedicated to educating people on novel means to protect themselves and their loved ones financially. Too often, too many people do not take the time to research and try to understand how that can be done. Instead, they rely on deceptive advertisements from large companies that do not end up giving their customers the products they truly need.

A conventional, traditional life insurance policy purchased with those companies will just pay out benefits when death occurs, will give very limited cash value when surrendered, and does nothing to help a policy holder when they suffer from a chronic, grave, or terminal illness.

PFA products cover all of the difficult stages of a lifetime, and sets up a system whereby a nice, comfortable sum of money awaits its subscribers when it’s time to retire.

Take a look at this video and learn a career with PFA may be the best choice you’ll make in your life:

The PFA Business Overview

Contact me through Email. You will not regret this first step, and will start learning how to help yourself while providing financial protection and security to many people during your career with PFA.

This article was published on 12.07.2016 by Mailan Dao
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