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A Network Marketing Career

If you are considering building a network marketing home business, you are not alone. Building a successful networking business, learning to play the guitar, or preparing for a marathon, all take the same thing. A decision to get started, and the discipline to keep doing it. 

People ask me how I managed to transition from a regular job to network marketing. Honestly speaking, I fell in love with the options in this industry. The millenials are joining network marketing in large numbers compared to x-generation or even the baby boomers.

A lot of retirees are realizing that their retirement plans were not quite what they expected, and they are now looking for ways to make extra income. If you are considering building a network marketing business, you are not alone.

I joined network marketing to make extra money. A friend of mine invited me to look at a business opportunity in the beauty and cosmetics industry. I plugged in immediately and decided that I was going to build a successful networking business. I started learning the skills while earning a side income. 

After a few months in the beauty industry, I found out that network marketing was going to be the most affordable and sensible way for me to build a big business. This is the industry where I could build my own dreams. 

Here are a few things that attracted me to the industry:

.The investment is very minimal compared to the return. Starting a traditional business was going to cost thousands of dollars.

.The flexibility allows you to build your business even if you have another job. already had another job and a busy schedule. Only a flexible home business was going to work for me to earn that extra income.

.Personal Development. No learning institution could have given me the kind of education and knowledge that was provided by this industry. 

.Self-Space. You can grow your business at your own pace... I chose a network marketing career because I could build from part-time to full-time. I didn't need to quit my job to get started. 

.You get to choose who to work with. No office politics.

.No corporate ladder. It's your effort that get rewarded and you earn as you learn. No worry that someone might replace you after you train them. In this industry you decide when to move up. 

.Build a global business. Unlike a job, your networking business is not geographically restricted to where you live. With the phone and internet, you can grow your business even in places you have never been. 

.Free Mentorship. You are working your business for yourself but not by yourself. It's in this industry that you can get free mentorship from top multiple six figure and seven figure income earners. 

. A network marketing career allows you to earn as you learn. Great way to make exta income while still working a regular job. 

.You simply hire yourself to work. No interviews or resumes

The beauty and cosmetics industry had exactly what I needed to build a successful home based business. I could start a flexible home business anytime. All I needed was to connect with the right company, the right leadership, a highly needed service and a great compensation plan. 

When I finally found it, I was thrilled. It is now over one year since I joined the WorldVentures. I have continued perfecting the skills of building my brand. I m now a full-time network marketing business person with business in. I have a solid flexible home based business that is internet based with business partners all over the United States.

This article was published on 01.11.2019 by Steve Gekara
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